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Detailed Metro Rail info

I have some contacts in other buildings that are also meeting with Metro Rail – I have attached a copy of information that has been provided to them.  The first half page is blank so that their names are not published.

2016 03 Melb Metro Rail update

We will build on this at our meeting.  Main issues to date for us are

  • Confirmation that the emergency exit will not be outside our building
  • Clarification of exhaust location
  • Impact on trees during and after change
  • Building / car park access
  • General impact during the construction
  • Bike lanes – make sure any changes are co-ordinated.  Don’t spend a fortune installing one and then rip it out
  • Traffic impact during and after change

Any questions about Melb Metro Rail??

The Committee have a scheduled update with the Metro Rail team in a couple of weeks.  Any questions you would like me to ask??

We will cover things like:

  • Current preferred design
  • Plans for the construction period
    • Where will the ‘hole’ be?
    • Where will tram lines go?
    • How will traffic be handled
    • Any impact on our building access?
    • Noise / vibration / dust impacts?
    • Trees?

You can place a comment on the blog here or send me an email to buckgw@gmail.com


Drilling out the front

I contacted my Metro Rail contact and asked that they do the work out the front as quickly as practical (but during working hours).  I attached this photo


This is their reply


In regards to the geotechnical drilling works we are undertaking out the front of your building, I have been provided with an update from our geotech team and they have advised that they will be working in the area for another 5 to 7 business days to complete the works. They have ensured me that they are working as quickly as possible to complete the works and vacate the area.

We appreciate that our works have an impact due to their location, and we thank all residents and businesses in the area for their patience. Another week and we should be out of there. In the meantime, as always, if you have any issues or concerns regarding the works, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon in regards to setting up a meeting.

Kind regards
Danielle Koroneos

Communications and Stakeholder Relations Advisor

Melbourne Metro Rail Authority

Metro Rail update

Sorry about sending yet another update on things but felt this was important to get out to everyone

Metro Rail attended a meeting of representatives from some other nearby buildings last week and they tabled these three documents.  They show the current state of thinking

2016 02 MMR Domain update (1)

2016 02 MMR Domain update (2)

2016 02 MMR Domain update (3)

The third one has the most detail of our train area

Metro Rail drilling

I’ve just walked outside and see they are about to start drilling right out the front.

Best I can ascertain is
– will only be during work hours
– will go for one week
– may be on road or path, waiting on engineer to finalise.
– city side of parking meter
– will not block access

Small wins

After more than 12 months negotiations with the City of Port Phillip, you may have noticed that one of the parking bays have been converted to a motorcycle bay.  The bay impacted is the one nearest to the St Kilda Rd exit (see below).  This has made the exit safer but still requires considerable care.  Thanks Mike P for your assistance on this matter.


We were a little less successful with our footpath repairs.  TPG who had dug up the path and done a poor repair job, agreed to re-dig and resurface their impacted area.  We were able to get rapid action from them as they want to make their service available to our residents and we made it clear that would not happen until they made the rectification.  It is better but not fantastic, better than many parts of the general St Kilda Rd footpaths.

The City of Port Phillip also checked the wider area and declined to do further repairs at this time.  Their logic was that it will be dug up again in the near term.  They did agree that the area around the street tree does need further action but they do not move rapidly.

I did check with TPG on the broader costs of surfacing the path.  Given that the City of PP had declined to pay, I thought that perhaps we should look at picking up the tab for the remainder of the area.  I was surprised to learn that it was $230 plus GST per square metre plus traffic management, so many thousands of dollars to do the full area.

I am also told that the ‘graffiti’ marks will wash off in the rain but it is required for a few more weeks.