Survey regarding Metro Rail

Since the Metro Rail project was announced we have been talking to Metro Rail about the impact of the Domain station on residents of the area. The project will run for a number of years and we feel it is important that we better understand the issues and concerns in more detail.

We have attempted to represent the project in an accurate and fair light but cannot guarantee it is all perfect. If you have any concerns about any of the details, you should contact Melbourne Metro Rail directly.

The survey should take less than ten minutes to complete.

The survey is for all individuals, owners and tenants.  Each person in your apartment can reply separately.  From the data we collect we cannot identify who has said what.  We only have anonymous results.

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Gary Buck
Chairman – The Botanica Owners Corp

Metro Rail – Environmental Effects Study

The Metro Rail people have today released the Environmental Effects Study (EES).  The associated press release says (in part)

“The EES also outlines the significant impacts on open space, roads and other transport, including temporary and permanent closures of some streets and occupation of public areas along the tunnel alignment. Some of these impacts will last 3-5 years during the construction phase.

The EES reveals concept designs, exact locations and depths for the five new underground stations that will be built as part of the Metro Tunnel Project, and how they will be built.

The new Domain Station will be built 15 metres below St Kilda Road using an advanced cut and cover approach. The station will include three entrances: one in the Shrine of Remembrance Reserve, one at the relocated Domain tram interchange, and another in the open space where the South African Soldiers Memorial is currently located.”

There is a mass of documents, all available here.  I’d suggest the Executive Summary is a good place to start.

We are intending to make a formal submission on behalf of the Botanica residents, feedback welcome.

Fibre internet connection

After all that footpath digging, it is now possible for you to get your internet connection via TPG’s FTTB service.  There are multiple suppliers who can use that fibre but the TPG related company is called Wondercom and here is their web site.  Their phone number is 1300 160 163

It is not compulsory and I have no knowledge of the performance.  Personally I am very happy with my current Telstra cable service and will not be swapping.

We are still waiting on NBN and I expect it is not too far away.

If anyone starts using the TPG service it would be great if you could post your feedback (good or bad) on the blog.

Metro Rail – Answers to some questions

  • Should residents / owners put in their own comments to Metro Rail?

I am submitting my feedback to them as Chairman of The Botanica Owners Corp and I am trying to represent views of most residents.  But I do not know everyone’s views.  I am very happy for anyone to submit further feedback to Metro Rail.

The best email  address to use is

James is Director, Communications & Stakeholder Relation, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority

  • Modifications to our carpark would be expensive and involve legal costs etc.

I don’t think it is feasible to modify our carpark to allow basement vehicles to enter/exit via Bowen Cres.  However if that did happen then Metro Rail would pick up all costs.

  • Concerns on noise and dust during construction

They are well aware of this being a major issue.  In the last few months, they have been in contact with the organisation who is completing a similar project in London.  This has meant that they now believe that the ‘open hole’ period will be reduced from around 36 months to 24-30 months.  That’s still a long time but the focus of making this time period shorter is great.

They have agreed to regular washing of our building.

Going forward there will be an opportunity for The Botanica OC and individuals to provide formal feedback.  At this time you can comment on issues such as hours of work, noise, dust, local amenity and the like