Metro Tunnel – National Trust

The National Trust also presented yesterday – their report is attached.

My main take aways from that session were

  • They feel very strongly that the new tunnel must go under the Citylink road tunnel (that crosses under St Kilda Rd near the Melbournian).
  • They feel very strongly about the trees and made several very well reasoned arguments.  But they accept some will/should go and work must go into replacements.  They even said that the value of the trees is much higher than replacement trees and that Metro Rail should provide funding for extra amenities to compensate.
  • 157-national-trust-submission-in-chief-to-ees-hearing

One thought on “Metro Tunnel – National Trust”

  1. Hi Gary, Thanks for sending these through and keeping those on your blog up to date. Diverse presentations but, as you mentioned, many common areas. Noted that Hallmark’s requests MMR to carry out Investigations re their building (& it’s a fair point. Perhaps we could get MMR to reimburse our costs!). I’ll see you at tomorrow’s presentation then at Mike’s on Thursday. Jane

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