Age article on Toorak Rd tram changes

There is an article in today’s Age on the upcoming tram changes.  It has a good picture of what the new Toorak Rd tram stop will look like.


The full story is here

While the story is right – the map has a number of errors…be careful

You can ask more questions tomorrow night at the public meeting.   It starts at 6pm at South Yarra Senior Citizens Centre, 65 Toorak Rd West, South Yarra (Fawkner Park).

Lift upgrade

You will have noticed that the lift upgrade is done – well almost, they just need to fix the ground floor indicators.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Perry Cho.  He is a long term owner and very keen photographer.  He provided, free of charge, the image that appears on the screens in the lifts.  You can see some of his other photos here


Metro Rail – Contact info

Metro Rail already have a 1800 in umber in place for queries.  They are very happy for Botanica residents to call the number and make operational queries.

This includes things like “Is the drilling in Bowen Crescent today related to Metro Rail, how long will it go?”

Feel free to call 1800 551 927 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Once the construction begins in 2018 there will be a different process and I’d expect it to be a 24 hour facility.

Metro Rail – Summary of dates

The previous post had lots in it…here is a few of the key things to me

  • In the first few months of 2017, we will see lots of action.  New tram stop, Domain Rd closed, Bromby St opened
  • In second half of 2017 we will see tram /road / bike lanes moved to the ‘other side’ and trees go.
  • Early 2018 we will see the ‘open hole’.  It will be a big hassle but work will be mainly during daylight and go for about 18 months
  • Mid 2019 – An acoustic shed will minimise our noise / dust but work will go 7/24 for 18 months.
  • End 2021 – Our pain will be “over” and the road back to final config
  • 2026 – all systems go

Essentially the hassle will go for FIVE years from the start of 2017…not great but better than I thought previously.

Metro Rail – November update with timeline

Jan and I met with Metro Rail this week.  We met with

  • James Tonkin (Director of Communications & Stakeholder Relations)
  • Simon Adams (Domain Station Precinct Manager)
  • Jacqueline Novoselec (Senior Communications & Stakeholder Relations Advisor).

They provided the attached detailed pack (2016-11-mm-presentation-20161109-botanica) and spent a couple of hours with us discussing many of the issues in detail, especially the timeline.  I stressed to MMRA that everyone is trying to plan around the tunnel and we need a timeline.  Obviously it is not possible to be 100% definitive but the information below is the best estimate today.

Our engagement is strong, they are always keen to meet on site at Botanica and are very open and frank.

This is my version of the timeline for ‘early works’ plus tunnel construction

Late 2016

  • Work near the Shrine corner has commenced
  • Eight juvenile trees will go
  • Metro Rail have worked hard to keep two large trees in the compound area despite higher cost.

First half 2017

  • Bromby St will re-open around March in preparation for Domain Rd closure
  • Minor work in Bowen Cres on services relocation (telco lines, etc)
  • Before Anzac Day
    • New permanent Tram Super Stop on city side of Toorak Rd
    • Some plane trees will go for this stop
    • Number 8 trams start running on new route
  • Domain Road closed shortly after
  • Sewer work commences
    • Will be large shaft in Domain Rd (Closed section) and Albert Rd

Second half 2017

  • More sewer work
  • Expect preferred tunnel and station contractors announced by September 2017
  • Re-configure St Kilda Rd outside Botanica
    • One car lane, one tram lane and one bike lane in each direction
    • Outside Botanica, those lanes will be on opposite side of the road. They will sweep back to our side of the road near Albert Rd
    • The station box will be immediately on our kerb edge
    • Trees will go on both sides of the road
    • We will continue to have driveway access, except minor, well advised times.

Early 2018

  • Tunnel and Station Contractor mobilization
  • Construction of Station Box
    • Stage 1
      • Will be large  uncovered hole
      • Day work only
      • Will take roughly 18 months
      • Wall will be done via Diaphragm construction ( Should be less intrusive than pile driving
      • See Cut and Cover pictures in attachment
      • Hole will go from our kerb edge past the middle of road

Mid 2019

  • Construction of Station Box
    • Stage 2
      • Acoustic shed built
      • Continuous 7/24 operation
      • Will take roughly 18 months


  • Construction materially complete
  • Road back to final config
  • Advanced trees replanted



  • Final fit out / testing / civil work



  • Operational