Metro Tunnel update from Metro Tunnel

As I indicated a few weeks back, Metro Tunnel have agreed to come and talk to us on Tuesday September 12 at 6pm.

At that time I said it would be part of the AGM – well it seems that makes things a bit tricky.  Under Victorian law only owners (or those with formal proxy from an owner) can attend the AGM.

The simple solution is

6pm – 6:30pm             –  Metro Rail – All owners and residents welcome

6:30pm – onwards     – AGM – Only for Owners and those with formal proxy

Venue is In Caliente Espresso Bar at 1 Queens Rd

Update on St Kilda Rd driveway access

You should have received notification about impending work out the front of Botanica.  It noted that we would lose access for 3 days to the driveway to the lower car park.  I have been trying to clarify what this all means.

See email chain below

Dear Gary,

I just wanted to confirm that communication works are kicking off again from Wednesday with fencing to be installed and physical works commencing on Thursday. I am still confirming the timing of initial works across the driveway with NDD works, however as advised you will get 48 hours notice of this for vehicles parked in the St Kilda Road car park with information on alternate car parking arrangements for the day of these works.

As discussed when we met initially on site, NDD works to excavate the driveway will occur following which the entrance will be covered with road plates. There will then be subsequent days when new conduits and works to relocate all cables in the footpath between Bowen Crescent and Bowen Lane will occur and finally reinstatement works will be done. These days of works will not be consecutive but likely to be staged in accordance with each step of required works.

Next week, we have gas commissioning works in Bowen Crescent as you acknowledged in your email last night. I have followed up again and the team have confirmed access should be maintained to your Bowen Crescent driveway during these works, notwithstanding on Wednesday when we purge the gas main by pushing nitrogen through the new pipe and releasing it through a controlled flame. On this day there will be no access to St Kilda Road from your driveway but all vehicle access maintained from the west.

I will continue to do my best to keep you informed of impacts and timing.

Kind regards


Bec Rowe

Community & Stakeholder Manager Metro Tunnel Early Works

My questions were:

From: Gary Buck []
Sent: Friday, 25 August 2017 3:53 PM
To: Bec Rowe <>
Cc: Jan Swinburne <>
Subject: Re: Follow up on Communication Works and Gas Commissioning works

So to be clear

– our st Kilda Rd driveway will be ok at least Monday to Thursday next week?

– we will not have street parking next week – we are upgrading our entire building intercom system next Wednesday to Friday.

– when we lose access you will have some arrangement with Ace in Bowen Cres….and we will be able to get to Ace parking

– you will not breach the EPRs with beeping trucks on the gas or Comms work


To which she replied

Hi Gary,

Yes, you are correct. You will have driveway access between Monday – Thursday next week. I have requested an update on Monday for driveway impacts so I can provide as much notice as possible.

Street parking will be impacted from Wednesday when fencing is re-established around works site.

When driveway access is not able to maintained, we will provide advance notice and offer to reimburse parking ticket costs for ACE Car park in Bowen Crescent.

As indicated when we met recently we are working through a program with Utility Service Providers to have their contractors swap over their beepers from squawkers. We remain committed to reducing the number of vehicles with beepers in advance of main works occurring.

Kind regards


Quick update

What’s going on?

Out the front they are moving services (mainly telco) from close to the road to nearer our wall. It has been delayed and so we asked that they remove the fence and make our roadside parking bays available until they need the area. Means it is a bit messy but better than leaving the fence in place. Once that work gets going again they will need to block our car park for a morning

In Bowen Crescent most of the work relates to new gas pipes. It should not cause any access issues but if you have problems, please politely ask them to move their gear.

There is also new fibre optic cable being run down Bowen Crescent and under St Kilda Rd.

I expect Bowen Cres to be a mess for a few weeks

Myki – Something I didn’t know

I’ve recently ‘upgraded’ to a Seniors Myki, which meant I did some reading on the Myki site.  I discovered this gem…

Why does the information displayed on the reader vanish too quickly for me to read it?

The information showing your card balance, and the amount deducted for your journey, will be displayed for as long as you hold your card to the reader, so hold it up for longer if you want to check that information.

So hold your Myki on the reader and WAIT…it stays on the display.  Of course its not a great idea to do this in busy times.  Give it a go