Gas works in Bowen Cres from Friday

See attached the formal notice for this work that starts on Friday

MMEW-JHG-DM-NTF-STK-0070_DL – Bowen Cr Gas_FNL

Non residents of Botanica heading eastwards in Bowen Cres are to be diverted, you will simply need to talk to the traffic people to be let through

The disabled bay near our Bowen Cres carpark will be kept available – you may need to ask the traffic person on duty for help if you need it (and no-one else is parked in it)

Car park work postponed

We have just been notified that the work will NOT occur tomorrow.  Access in and out of the lower car park will be normal tomorrow – no need to move your car

Apologies for late notice – I believe that something is being placed on cars in car park too

Once we have another date, we will let you know

Letterbox keys

By the end of today all letterbox keys will have been changed.  The new system is much more secure.

You need to see Paul and sign for your two new keys.  Without a new key you cannot get your mail.

If you can’t see him during his normal hours, contact him and make alternative arrangements.

His phone is 0467 444 074, his email is

LOTs happening

Just a quick summary of things happening around Botanica.

Metro Rail prep

  • The footpath will be ‘out of bounds’ from tomorrow while they start moving cables /services under the footpath.  They need to move these cables closer to our building to make room for the new train station!
  • The driveway from the lower car park on to St Kilda Rd will be closed from 9am – 3pm on Thursday August 10
  • Gas works will be occurring in Bowen Cres but should not restrict driveway access
  • The Botanica will be getting a new gas meter.  The one in the lower car park will be replaced by one neatly(?) tucked in the garden on the right hand side of the upper car park.

“Normal” building works

  • As you should know, the letterbox access upgrade is underway today.
  • The intercom upgrade will happen later this month, currently planned for August 23-24.  More notice closer to that date


Is cut and cover right for Domain Station?

There has been a lot of discussion in the media and from various action groups about the fact that Domain Station is being done via ‘cut and cover’.  This means there will be a BIG hole outside Botanica for many months.  MMRA have consistently said that it is the most suitable and also the fastest.

I am NOT an engineer and I do not profess to be any sort of expert, but I have been reading information on the UK equivalent project (called Crossrail).  I found an article about Paddington Station particularly interesting as they did that station via ‘cut and cover’ or ‘top down’.  The full story is here, but this extract caught my eye.

“Two factors drove the decision to construct the main station box using top down methods. First, top down construction is stiffer, with smaller wall movements, minimising damage to the surrounding buildings and utility corridor. Second, the desire to reopen Eastbourne Terrace to traffic as early as possible required the roof slab to be constructed at the front end of the construction programme.”

Sounds a very  familiar story – we certainly want the project to minimise damage and there is a great desire to get St Kilda Rd running again ASAP.

Maybe they have got it right??