How to say “we don’t want a vent outside Botanica”

It would be great if each of you can go to this web page and lodge your unhappiness that we are getting some big vents out the front.

The vents will be 5 metres high and as long as a tram….this is a 7 metre similar versionVent.jpg

Don’t do it if you are not comfortable

Lots of steps to make it hard


  1. Use your own name
  2. Use  postcode 3004
  3. Completing as individual

On next screen

    • You can decide if want your name published

On next screen

    • Tick Domain
    • Tick Architectural Design

In the comments box, say something along the lines of what I have written below…but not just cut and paste or it gets rejected

Whilst we accept the need to remove and replace a significant number of trees, we cannot accept the installation of five large and visibly intrusive vents in the middle of St Kilda Rd.

Requested actions to be taken

  • We seek written assurance that we will not be able to hear, feel or smell outputs from these vents
  • We request the designers look at several suggested alternatives, including but not limited to
    • Lowering the height to 3 metres
    • Moving them closer to the eastern side of St Kilda Rd and further from residents. We are aware that a school exists on this side of the road but that side of the road is also maintaining fully mature trees and better able to screen the vents.
    • We request that strong consideration is given to the roofing material used. The roof structure will be very visible to many of our residents in its current position.
    • Why not cover them with a well maintained ‘living wall’ regardless of location


3 thoughts on “How to say “we don’t want a vent outside Botanica””

  1. Good afternoon,

    Is it not of paramount importance that aesthetics given absolute consideration (this development is set to change arguably Melbourne’s most beautiful inner city precinct into a much less desirable area to live, walk and enjoy forever!) in exchange for the transportation of the population from far outer Melbourne suburbs that have no financial, lifestyle, health or emotional investment in the area we have made our home.

    Furthermore the ‘vents’ and pollutants these vents will void should under no circumstances from a health perspective be in any proximity to permanent residents and school children that will be forced due to a lack of adequate planning that has dismally failed in considering future health consequences that will present as we inhale pernicious and toxic emissions daily.

    In summation, sure we would like a better transport system, but make it better in consideration of the consequences involved for all involved parties!!!

    And that is just one interested party venting. PUN intended.


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