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BotanicaBefore the Metro Tunnel project started, we surveyed people about their thoughts / concerns with the project – that was back in June 2016 and it was to be called Domain Station back then!  We have decided to repeat the survey – with many old and some new questions.

Your responses ensure that we can better represent your views in conversations we have with Metro Tunnel

We are very happy for owners, renters and visitors to The Botanica to complete the survey

We are very happy to get more than one response for an apartment

Responses are anonymous, we ask for apartment numbers but cannot associate an apartment with a response

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Thanks…Gary Buck


Latest Community Reference Group info

See attached a copy of the Powerpoint slides from the Community Reference Group (CRG) meeting I attended last week.

MM PRESENTATION 20180122 Domain CRG 4 – January

Some things to note

  • During Feb/March there will be a lot of work done on Kings Way, including re-ashphalting the northern lanes.  This is, in part to help traffic flowing on non-St Kilda Rd routes
  • The drainage works in Bowen Cres have been delayed due to discovery on unexpected Telstra cables.  At least one more month to go
  • Traffic access from Queens Lane have been the subject of conversations between MMRA, City of Port Phillip, John Holland…I’m still not satisfied and do not understand why they have not implemented what was agreed and publicised – Inwards in front of 1 Queens Rd and outwards behind 1 Queens Rd
  • THIS WEEKEND COMING – The new Tram Stop in Park St will happen between 10pm on Friday Feb 2 and 5am Wednesday Feb 7.  Will be much like the disruption when they did a similar piece of work in Toorak Rd West.
  • The online feedback on Domain Precinct design and early works provided a lot of feedback.  It will be summarised and sent to the Minister for approval.  We do not know the status of our ugly cooling vents AKA toilet block.  Final approval is expected in early April.
  • The work on the far service lane that is happening now, relates to moving the tram tracks to that side.  The final stages of this will occur April 1-17 and be very noisy (note that April 1 is Easter Sunday).  A lot of the major action at this time will be where they cut the new tram tracks into the old ones – near the new tram stop at the Royce and near the old tram stop at Domain.  This work stops trams and hence the tight outage time and tram replacement buses
  • Prior to that major work in early April, there will be an enormous amount of pre-work.  At Botanica we will be impacted by that as they will be laying the new tram tracks in that far service lane.
  • After the trams have been moved from the centre of the road, the digging can begin.  The major digging work will be
    • The noisy piling work on the ‘north box’ (near Domain Rd) will occur in Q2 2018
    • Acoustic shed over the north box in Q4
    • The noisy piling work on the ‘south box’ (at our front door) will occur in Q4 2018
    • All of this work will be daytime work
  • Access to the St Kilda Rd carpark for Botanica residents will be maintained throughout.  Exact details to come


Getting in and out of Queens Lane – Arvo peak

Earlier today I posted this link t.  Tonight I went and looked in the evening peak – well I was only there from about 4:45pm til 5:20pm.

It was crazy – in that time I saw five vehicles go on the wrong side of the road he get out quicker – it was obvious they knew they were doing the wrong thing, they all did it at fairly high speed.  They were also probably aware that cars may be incoming.

So I have attached some photos of the offenders

Just in case you think there wouldn’t be any incoming vehicles at the time – here are a few.  You can see with no-one on their side of the road, it is still a v tight squeeze.

And if you do  turn left, it is hard to stay in your lane without going up the kerb!!

Getting in and out via Queens Lane

I have been talking to the City of Port Phillip, John Holland and Metro Rail about the issues with the Queens Lane Kings Way/Toorak Rd intersection – especially during the evening peak.

It is never easy and has a fair element of risk but at the moment, with Bowen Cres closed at both ends, it is even worse.

The sharpness of both the entry and exit makes it very hazardous.

City of Port Phillip have been the most interested and helpful.

I have personally witnessed drivers deciding to make the exit from Queens Lane onto Kings Way/Toorak Rd a two lane exit – super high risk and a big issue when drivers try and head south!!

John Holland have made it marginally better  by removing one of the loading bays and placing a small dividing barrier in the middle of the road.

If you have the opportunity to take photos or video of your experience, I will send on to the right people.

Here are a few from a FIVE minute period in this morning’s peak – I’m not blaming these drivers, the road needs to be sorted out