AGM Tuesday October 16

The AGM for the Botanica will be at 6pm on Tuesday October 16 at The Seasons.

There will be a presentation and Q&A by Cross Yarra Partnership covering all the latest information on the Metro Rail Tunnel.

The CYP session is open to renters and owners. This will start promptly at 6pm

The AGM will follow and is for owners only

Night works this week / St Kilda Rd closure

As they told us last week, there will be some night work on Monday – Wednesday this week.  It will be between 8:30pm – 5:30am.

Details here MMRA Info on night works

Be aware that St Kilda Rd will be closed as follows

  • Southbound – from Dorcas Street to Toorak Road West
  • Northbound – from Toorak Road West to Albert Road

We will still have access to the carparks – but you may have ask the traffic management people to let you through….please be patient

Fast internet


You probably received a flyer in your letterbox today from Pineapple net.

They are a local (based at 1 Queens Rd) internet provider.  They have put their own fibre optic cable along St Kilda Rd and into our building.  As far as I know, it is as fast as any internet you can buy in Australia.  The service that they offer residents of Botanica for $150 per month is being advertised on airport banners for $895 per month!

They also have cheaper services that are very fast and better value than most others.

I have been using it for a couple of months and have found it fantastic – if you are thinking of changing, give them a call 1300 857 501

Tram Noise Update


Tram Noise Update

As you may be aware over the past couple of months, we have trialled a number of measures in order to find a solution that will reduce the noise emitted on the curved sections of tram track along St Kilda Road. These measures have included rail grinding, a water cart, installation of a crack sealant and manual application of a friction modifier. In addition to this we have also undertaken assessments by independent noise specialists.

The results of all trialled mitigation measures were reviewed and assessed against their effectiveness to reduce the ‘wheel squeal’ as much as possible.  The friction modifier has been identified as the preferred solution, however before it can be installed on St Kilda Road it still needs to undergo an approval process by the rail safety regulator, Transport Safety Victoria.

As there is still an approval process to go through, it is difficult to provide an exact date for a recommended solution to be implemented. We are however committed to providing you with regular updates as things progress. We are hoping to issue an update to residents with estimated timings within the next few weeks.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we investigate potential mitigation measures.

If you have any questions regarding these works or would like more information on our project, please visit or phone 1800 105 105.

Mail theft – How do they do it? Watch This!


Over the years we have tried to make mail theft more difficult but we seem to still have occasional problems.  On Monday we had another issue and this video shows the offender and shows her technique.  partly with small hands but also very adept with two sticks.

She is clearly not rushed, spending nearly 30 minutes on this side and similar on the other set of letterboxes.  She sits down, reads through the mail, dumps what she sees as junk in the garden, takes her suitcase and walks off.

If you lost mail – talk to Paul

If you recognise the offender, please call the police

Here is the video

Can someone please fix this signage??


I am at my wits end – Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP) don’t see this as a problem but this is the intersection of Bowen Cres and St Kilda Rd.  If you turn left into the service road you discover it is only provides access to a private carpark (mine) and they have to execute a difficult turn to get back out.

Here is a video of truck yesterday driving up the footpath  after his mistake

I’d think a simple ‘no left turn’ would be enough – maybe no left turn except residents?