Building washdown

As the façade work is drawing to a close, AbSafe will be pressure washing the building and cleaning the windows.

This work will commence on the Bowen Crescent side on Monday February 24th at 8am.  They will continue to do the back and the city sides next week.  They will leave the front of the building until all façade work is complete on that side.

It will help everyone if you could ensure that your balcony is cleared and close all windows.  If you do not clear your balcony they will attempt to work around items and minimise any damage.

The window cleaning will be done separately once all washing is complete.

Gary Buck

OC Chairman

Feb 17, 2020

End of trip for a Green Mazda

This morning a lovely Bangladeshi guy was stopped getting fuel and washing his windscreen. A guy jumped in a took the car.

Not sure of the condition now – listen to its arrival…you can see the sparks flying….and why climb out the window. Door worked fine

Plenty of police soon on the scene. I’m told they have apprehended the guy

Domain Road Shops

I’m not sure if you have been down to the cafes/shops in Domain Road lately but there is now a ‘pop up’ area. Essentially they have removed a few car bays and extended the footpath seating out onto what was the road. It looks better than the ‘artists impression’ above

Go and have a look and then use this link to give feedback. If it does not get good feedback it will be removed