URGENT – Tunnelling explanation tomorrow night

The Metro Tunnel guys are going to host an online session tomorrow night at 6pm. It will be via a technology called Zoom which is very easy to use.

IMPORTANT – You need to register to be able to participate.

Send an email to CYP@metrotunnelcyp-dc.com.au by 4pm tomorrow. In the email you should include your full name, residential address and any questions.

Sorry about short notice

Click on link below for full details

street trees

As I indicated some time back, we have been talking to the City of Port Phillip and Metro Tunnel about placing some trees in pots on our footpath.

We had confirmation yesterday that that they will arrive around mid-May.

We will eventually get real trees again but that is some years away.

I understand that a number of local residents have already volunteered to assist with watering duties…thanks

How do we allocate levy amounts?

A couple of people have asked me how do we come up with the amounts that each owner has been charged for the ‘fire sprinkler’ work.

Under the Owners Corp Act costs are charged on what they call ‘lot liability’. Essentially that is based on your floorspace which includes car bays.

The OC charges for normal charges that you are invoiced every quarter is also based on the same formula.

Essentially the assumption under the Act is that people with bigger apartments should pay proportionately more.

There is a little discretion under the Act for levies to have a different formula in rare circumstances if the funds are not for the ‘common good’. Clearly the sprinklers are for the benefit of all owners and this is not applicable in this case.

Bottom line is that the sprinkler levy cost is based on floorspace.