CYP update

GB Note – Hopefully no noisy air con plant on Monday, an RDO


Please be aware that Monday is an RDO. Tunnelling will continue, but there will no other civil works on Monday.


Works will carry on as normal inside the acoustic shed. Currently, tunnelling is progressing well and the first TBM Millie is now past Punt Road, with Alice not far behind.

Anzac Station entrance – Shrine of Remembrance 

CFA piling around the perimeter of the new station entrance will be completed tomorrow. Once this is done, the piling rig will be dismantled and removed from site. This means that we will be able to start excavation of the station entrance next week. At the moment, this looks likely to commence on Wednesday or Thursday. We will be bringing in a couple of excavators to site to complete this work. These first stages of excavation are not expected to be too disruptive.

Middle Box Roof Construction 

We continue to prepare the final section of the Anzac Station roof. As we mentioned last week, the temporary deck has been installed that we’ll use to support the pour of the final section of the roof. We’ve also laid form ply on top, which the roof slab will be cast against. Now, we are installing the steel reinforcements that will form the roof slab. As part of this, the team will be completing some hammer drilling into the roof slab to post fix steel reinforcements. This has been happening today, and will continue into tomorrow and next week.

Middle Box Excavation 

Excavation under the roof slab and load out continues as we near completion. The excavation to concourse level is expected to be complete by the end of next week. As outlined in the August construction notification, works will carry on until 10pm under the roof slab next week. This will be limited to work under the roof to push excavated material up to the void, ready for removal the next day. Because of the reduced activity under the roof, the additional ventilation system will not be used during these extended work hours.

Once the excavation is complete, we will prepare and commence the installation of minor strutting at the southern end of the station box. The crawler crane will lower the steel and other equipment through the void to the team working underground.

Thanks, Rob, Dan and Jordan

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Does the sound treatment work?

The latest story on the sound treatment from CYP…

Afternoon all,

As I said to Gary in an earlier email, the unit was measuring up to 75 dB when it was first installed. We’ve since put the matting in around the engine bay that is generating the actual noise – which I appreciate is not visually spectacular compared to the size of the unit.

More importantly, we’ve focussed on less visible efforts that actually make a bigger difference.

The maintenance on the machine has been closely monitored to ensure that the filter is cleaned out more regularly and the unit doesn’t have to work as hard.
We’ve also progressively adjusted the unit so that it only works as hard as it needs to in order to achieve the air quality underground.

At installation it was working at 100% – it is now operating between 70-80% and still achieving the results we need below ground.

The current noise levels are around 69-70dB.

I raised the issue this morning in our construction meeting and everyone is aware that the unit is causing issues and should only be used for as long as it is absolutely required.

Thanks, Rob

So after getting this email I thought I’d listen and see if I can hear the difference. The video goes for 38 seconds, the start is before anything had been done, the next section is with the sound treatment and the final section after they have reduced the way the machine is operating….there is a blue banner between each.

My hearing is not great..see if you can hear the difference

As I said…

At the AGM last night I mentioned that CYP were going to put some sound proofing up around that noisy piece of plant out the front. They have done it today.

I must say that it is not quite what I expected…

Yep – those blue panels are the soundproofing!?!?!

Important Metro Tunnel updates

I have various bits of important news…

Street trees

When this is all done we will be getting street trees back out the front…but it seemed like for some reason, it was decided that we’d rather have one less tree.

The gap that was to be left was in case the City of Port Phillip decided to put a bike hoop in there one day.

I didn’t out to popular vote in the building but I decided on my own that people would rather an elm than a bike rack.

Today I was told by Rob Mair…Alan and his team have come up with a configuration to get the full quota of trees back in front of Botanica. While it still needs final approval from Heritage Victoria, we have checked in with HV who have indicate that they have no issues with reinstating the tree that was removed between the Development Plan design and the Interim Design.


The special bits of equipment have now been installed in the plant on Edmund Herring Oval and they are hoping it will have a positive impact on the terrible vibration.


We are getting fewer trucks as most are now going on the agreed routes. Still quite a few speeding but certinaly fewer trucks.

Noisy ventilation unit

People on the front of the building will have noticed a massive ventilation unit that has recently appeared. It pumps fresh air into the station box but it is VERY noisy. They have agreed to install sound mats around it tomorrow morning.

See you tonight

Botanica AGM and Info night

Don’t forget that the AGM / Information night will be held tomorrow evening at 6pm – via Zoom

The Zoom link is here

You can try the link any time – you should simply get a message saying that the meeting does not start until 6pm tomorrow.

The first part is for Owners AND Renters – I will cover the Metro Tunnel work and the Fire sprinkler work.

The second part of the meeting is for Owners only – we will do a ‘roll call’ at that time.

For owners that are not attending, I encourage you to complete the attached proxy form. You can email to Leon at Civium or just drop it in my letterbox (702).

Proxy form is below

More CYP news

Good afternoon everyone,

As construction is continuing on the Metro Tunnel Project during the current Stage 4 restrictions, we recognise that in the residential buildings you have limited opportunities to get out of your home while construction work continues outside and many of your residents are working from home.

More than ever before we are looking for opportunities to limit the impacts of our works during the planning phase, however there will be times where the works will be noisy during the day.

Over the course of the Stage 4 restrictions, we will be trialling sending out a short weekly email update to help give you a better idea of what is coming up in the week ahead, with a focus on those works that might be disruptive.

We know many of you are sharing this correspondence with your building tenants through your normal channels – if you’d like us to add your building managers to this list, just let us know.

As you’re all no doubt aware, construction is always subject to change depending on the weather or progress of individual activities – all the information provided is as accurate as possible when we send it out.

Please Note: While this email address is monitored throughout the day during business hours, if you have an urgent issue, please be sure to contact us via 1800 105 105. This will ensure that your query is responded to in a timely manner.


1.       Tunnelling 

Works will carry on as normal inside the acoustic shed. Currently, tunnelling is progressing well and the first TBM Millie is approaching Punt Road, with Alice not far behind.

2.       Anzac Station entrance – Shrine of Remembrance 

CFA piling has started around the perimeter of the new station entrance, with the piling rig now in place. The piling works that were underway in this area previously were deeper bored piles, this CFA piling will not be as noisy as the previous bored piles. 

3.    Tram Interchange Construction 

Piling is now complete on Tram Box construction site, we’re finished in this area for now – we’ll come back to this area in November to start excavation.

4.    Middle Box Roof Construction 

The final section of the Anzac Station Roof is being prepared. The temporary deck has been installed that we’ll use to support the pour of the final section of the roof. We’ve also laid form ply on top, which the roof slab will be cast against.

Next week we’ll start steel fixing and we’ll be using hand tools on the D-wall to prepare the tie in points. Preparations for the D-wall tie ins will be happening on Saturday. These works are expected to be completed in normal Saturday construction hours, however, depending on weather may run a bit later.

5.    Middle Box Excavation 

There is currently a lot of activity in this area.  Excavation under the roof is about 70% complete. We stopped excavation for a little while as we put together the latest addition to the site, the crawler crane. We’ll later use this crane to lower the steel and other materials down onto the excavated concourse level. Excavation has now recommenced. We have also added additional ventilation as we go further along our concourse excavation – we’ll be putting up some noise attenuation around this new vent addition in the following week.

Works on sections of the D-wall will be ongoing inside the excavation and are only expected to generate low levels of noise underneath the roof slab.


Rob, Dan and Jordan

Ventilation Unit

A couple of you have asked about this unit that has recently appeared….here is the offical line

 The team looking after the excavation under the deck have had to install additional ventilation while they are further underneath the concourse level.

You can see it circled in the picture below (Vision courtesy of Gary’s livestream) It will pump air down a specially created void directly next to the unit.

They’ll test it over the next two days and see how effective it is as a secondary ventilation unit – If it is effective, then they’ll use it for the remainder of the excavation (roughly 3 weeks)

We’ll also keep an eye on the noise it generates, we’ve added in provision for scaffolding to go around it and noise attenuation attached.  I’ll keep you posted on the test.

Thanks, Rob

Live vision – another view

I am testing another camera with live vision from my balcony. It is not so good at night but pretty sharp during the day and closer up.

The bad news at the moment is that the address changes each day, so you need to search on Google for “GaryBuck2 Youtube” and hopefully it will be there as ‘live now’

Today it should be here all day…..and there is a lot happening out there today.

Want to test Zoom before the AGM??

A few people have said that they are a bit nervous using Zoom for our AGM next week. It is not too hard, I’ve set up a test meeting for people to experiment with.

Test 1

If you click on this link any time, it will take you through the whole process but you won’t see anyone else.

Test 2

If you click on this link at 6:30pm tonight, I will be there and you will be able to see me and talk /listen.

During the AGM

During our AGM you will have to identify yourself at the start of the meeting but then you will then be able to have your video off (so no-one can see you) and have your audio off (so no-one can hear you)….if you wish