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See attached pack of information presented today

We discussed trucks and truck routes, lots of info.

Truck monitoring system

The amazing system that tracked truck routes and monitored speed is not being used at all. The company that has that system in their trucks is now not the company that is hauling the dirt…hmm not happy, not told until we asked.

When I pointed out that it seems a very high proportion of drivers are speeding, I was told that the trucking company has been asked to tell the drivers not to speed. I questioned whether that would work and remined them I’d given them evidence that MOST of their trucks are speeding every hour of every night.


They explained that could no longer use Southbank Blvd for full trucks due to the lane narrowing and also that City of PP and City of M asked them to stop using Dorcas St.

They are working very hard to find another route. An audit has been done on a possible route for full trucks. It is in the pack but essentially trucks would turn right onto Linlithgow and left onto Alexandra. A road safety audit has been completed and trucks may be able to go that way next week.

When I asked why trucks are heading down St Kilda Rd to Nepean Hwy, Rob Mair explained that some truck drivers were doing that to avoid night works on the Monash. He stressed that they were only permitted to go down Nepean Hwy if there was a major accident on the Monash. I said it seems that every truck day and night is doing it.

Bottom line – next week hopefully trucks that are destined for the Westgate (it would seem to be no trucks at the moment) will not go past us. Sometime in the future empty trucks may go an alternate route. I asked if they could use Dorcas St 2-3 times a week, to give us a break. Rob Mair said that such a scheme would be too hard for the truck drivers.

CYP is also looking to fix the various bumps in St Kilda Rd to make the noise levels lower.


CYP’s vibration expert (Kym Burgemeister) talked at some length. He said that the vibration he recorded back in June was around 17-18 Hz. This is below the audible hearing range but can cause items to vibrate (and we could hear those items vibrate).

The Slurry Treatment Plant at Edmund Herring Oval has two banks of three shakers. They are designed to get the water out of the slurry. One of those shakers is running at a different frequency.

CYP are looking to bring a device across from a Perth site that shifts the phases of the shakers. This is akin to getting soldiers to march out of step as they cross a bridge.

Kym commented that this issue is quite rare and unusual that the vibration has travelled so far. MAY also vary due to weather conditions. He requested that it would be useful if people keep a diary of good and bad days.

Melbourne Grammar also having similar issues.

My guess is that we may see an improvement towards the end of August. That allows for gear to be shipped from Perth and installed here…and that it works!!


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  1. apartment 703 master bathroom the vibration during the day and night is intermittent I will endeavour to keep a log.

    Thanks for your great work Gary


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