The trucks are back

Evening all,

Just a quick note to advise that the team on site has reported that VicRoads signage near the M1 entrance suggests that a section of Batman Avenue will be closed this evening from 10pm.
This may affect traffic routes and trucks may need to revert to using St Kilda Road. The team on site will monitor any closure and revert to the normal traffic route as soon as possible.


Metro Tunnel Project Team.

I can’t see it on the VicRoads site…mention of outage from 23/8 in tunnel?

The Botanica AGM – August 25 at 6pm

The Botanica AGM will be held via Zoom at 6pm (Melbourne time) on Tuesday August 25.

During the initial part of the meeting I will give a CYP update and an update on the fire sprinkler issue. I’d love renters and owners to attend this part of the meeting.

The formal part of the meeting will continue after that and is only for owners.

To connect you need to go to

You can try the link now if you want – you should get a message to say…meeting will start at 6pm on August25.

Official position on trucks

This has just arrived…

Afternoon all,

Just a quick update for our CRG members following last week’s presentation on the issue of trucks on St Kilda Road.

We had hoped to have the newly proposed route for loaded trucks travelling to the Westgate approved and in use this week, unfortunately we haven’t been able to do so. The Road Safety Audit has been completed, as has a count of bicycle numbers that was also requested of CYP.  We have been asked to do an analysis of the turning circles of trucks from Linlithgow Avenue onto Alexandra Avenue that is now complete and has been sent to RPV and City of Melbourne to review as of yesterday.  Subject to approval from both parties, we are now aiming to have the route in use by Monday 17 August. As per previous advice, if we are able to put it in place earlier, we will.

We also spoke about repairing the road surface along the northbound stretch of St Kilda Road. We’re currently booking in a crew and a time slot for a road closure to do some work to fix a particularly bad dip in front of the Domain building. As discussed in the CRG, if there are any other areas of particular concern, please forward these through ASAP and we’ll review and determine if we can also do these while we fix the dip in front of the Domain building. In the meantime, we have temporarily patched the section in front of the Domain building ahead of the more permanent fix.

Regarding compliance, I received some reports that drivers were headed down St Kilda Road and the Nepean to head to the South East. We understand that the reason the drivers were not heading down the M1 for loads headed South East was to avoid roadworks that were underway on the M1. We’ve informed them that the M1 is to be used unless the road is closed entirely.  

Finally, we’ve also been informed that in response to the community feedback on the issue of trucks, our main subcontractor has now appointed a dedicated resource to oversee compliance. They have been asked to review the adherence to truck routes and the reports of speeding as their first priority.   

Thanks for everyone’s patience as we resolve these issues.

Rob Mair

I’m sure that they meant to add…..sorry for 5 weeks of broken sleep.

Some good news


It seems like the trucks from Edmund Herring Oval are now dumping in the South East and are going along the approved route. That route takes them over the Swan St Bridge and on to the Monash.

They should have been using that route all along but it seems that they are now (mostly) getting it right. Last night there was none between 10pm and 5:28am. Then we had a spate of them and speeding too…. But at least you can sleep without ear plugs tonight, I think.

On a separate trucking matter – trucks are removing spoil from the void in front of us during the DAY TIME ONLY. The route they have been taking has been a lucky dip. Earlier in the week they were turning left into Toorak Rd and heading towards Punt Rd. Today they decided that a U turn at St Kilda Rd / Toorak Rd corner was a good idea. They then came past us and all the way back to Linlithgow and over Swan St Bridge. They should now continue straight down St Kilda Rd and Nepean Hwy.


Not sure if others have noticed but the vibrations have decreased in the last 36 hours for me. They have made a small change and bigger mods will come through over the next couple of days. If you notice a difference, good or bad please let me know.

While I’m disclosing things..

I have just been looking at the recent stats for the blog. The numbers are really gratifying, thanks to everyone who has been clicking.

Last month we hit 1000 views, the second highest ever. The only time the blog hits were higher was when we had the floods out the front and the blog had some v graphic photos/videos.

You may know but I do get paid for all the clicks – in July I had $0.33 dropped into my account. That takes the total for 2020 to a grand total of $1.41, in that time you’ve been shown over 10 000 ads.

I should add that I can’t get the money out until get to a total of $100 – so more months like this and I’ll be rich in about 25 years.


I must apologise by yesterday’s post, my tongue in check about the new station was badly misunderstood by several readers. One reader in Greece even sent me photos of the Athens Station

The above photo is more like what the new Anzac/Domain Station will look like.

Yesterday’s photo was of a temporary structure for workers, to keep them dry getting to and from their crib rooms.

Disappointing – the new Anzac Station entrance

I know that times are tough and that we’ve had to cut the cost of the new Anzac Station back to just under A$1Bn but I think it looks cheap.

Architects have told me that the extensive use of ‘forest friendly’ timber throughout helps ensures that the station receives a 17 star green rating. I also understand that the polycarbonate roofing has a ripple effect to match the corrugated iron commonly found in outback Australian dunnies of the 19th century…a strong link to our past.