Cup weekend puzzle

Albert Road Reserve is getting a makeover courtesy of CYP / Metro Tunnel. This is the last design pics that I saw.

As I understand, the grand opening will have a string quartet and dog grooming – not sure where else you can have your dog shorn whilst listening to a string quartet??

My confusion is that the current state of the site. Here is a current photo.

I think it will be easier to pick a winner of the Cup than work out how the recently installed poles will fit in to this setup.

Other details

That horrible beeping noise

That noise that sounds like an alarm and has been going on for more than 24 hours has been reported to the EPA. Hard to work out where it is coming from – we thought it may have been from the top of the Ace Carpark. We asked the people selling those apartments to check…they said that they did. The noise goes on

Thanks Trish for doing the calls

A days fews of peace and quiet

Tomorrow is an RDO, Tuesday is a holiday and Wednesday is another RDO. More details below


Please be aware that Monday is an RDO, Tuesday is the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday and Wednesday is also an RDO. Tunnelling related activities will continue both underground and at EHO, but there will be no other civil works on these days.

TBM Retrieval and Reassembly Works

On Wednesday and Thursday morning, the final TBM parts will be delivered from the Eastern Portal to the Anzac Station site. These parts are over height, meaning they’ll travel to Domain using an alternate route. Visit for information on oversized deliveries and associated road closures. 24/7 works will continue underground to pull the gantry pieces through the completed tunnel and continue assembling the TBMs.

General maintenance and refurbishment works are also continuing 24/7 at the Edmund Herring Oval tunnelling support site, with filter press cleaning, STP repairs, asphalting and trenching for new slurry pipes all happening next week.

South Box Construction

Under the roof of the south box we’re continuing the concourse level construction in sections through the process of excavation, installing formwork and steel reinforcements before pouring concrete. The team is on track to complete 4/10 pours in 2020.

Currently we’re now onto the steel fixing for the second section as we aim to pour on 9 November.

As with the first section, this will involve the delivery of steel and use of the crawler crane while works continue underground. Steel fixing works will continue up until 10pm weekdays and 6pm on Saturdays underneath the roof slab and are not expected to generate much noise.

Anzac Station Entrance – Shrine of Remembrance

Excavation to base slab level is now complete for the Shrine of Remembrance station entrance. Next week, works to construct the base slab will continue with mechanical, electrical, plumbing works scheduled. These MEP works are expected to continue for most of the month.

Anzac Station Entrance – Tram Box

Excavation is underway for the main Anzac Station entrance, the tram interchange. You’ll notice machinery loading trucks with excavated soil, and the wheel wash installed on the station roof, which is being used for all trucks exiting the site. Next week, hand railing will be set up along the boundary of the excavation area, and mesh will be installed for upcoming shotcrete works.

Piles will be progressively broken back as the excavation continues, however in this initial excavation there is only a short period of pile breakout scheduled for late next week, around two hours in total. This is expected to generate intermittent periods of high-level noise.

We’ve attached a photo of the excavation for the station entrance on the Shrine side of the shed. The tram interchange construction follows the same bottom-up construction methodology; we excavate all the way down before the base slab is constructed, followed by the roof slab. This differs from the top-down method used to build the station box, wherein the roof slab was constructed first. Those with a view over the site will see a similar process happening between the acoustic shed & St Kilda Road in the coming months as the tram interchange station entrance starts to take shape.

Have a great weekend – we hope you pick a winner on Tuesday!


Rob, Jordan & Dan