Need a new pergola??

I didn’t realise but there is now an arm of the Government that builds pergolas. They are building a couple right outside our place in St Kilda Rd.

I’m not sure that they are cheap or fast. It has taken 4-5 guys a week on each of these. And they knock off when it rains, only work a 9 day fortnight and have trouble with masks

QR Code for The Botanica??

A number of residents have asked why we don’t have a QR code for The Botanica

This was discussed at a recent Committee meeting.  The following is worth noting:

  • It IS NOT required for buildings like ours with simple common areas
  • It IS required for residential buildings that have Gyms, pools and cinema common areas
  • If you have a QR code system you must have a manual / kiosk fallback
  • The Botanica maintains a detailed record of all fob entries
  • The Botanica maintains a detailed video record of all entries and exits

The Committee decided that our biggest risk is with delivery people and tradies.  With that in mind we have placed notices in both lifts and on all entry doors.

Please do the right thing and encourage all of your “visitors” to do the right thing