Fob reader upgrade

We are doing an upgrade to the fob readers throughout the building and car park.

When it is complete, you will be able to use your mobile phone or fob or button system. All old readers will still work.

We are having a few minor issues this afternoon. Fobs are fine but the car park button may not work….so you may have to stick your arm out the car window

Thanks for your patience

More info as the system goes live

Council submission to CYP

I am particularly pleased to see they are pushing

  • Good screening of chillers
  • Suitably advanced trees in front of us
  • Safe building driveway access
  • Public toilet in station that is free
  • Upgrade to Bowen Cres toilet
  • Two lanes of traffic each way in front of us, not a return to 3 lanes

It will be presented for approval at the Council meeting on October 20.