Covid – stay vigilant

Just looking at the numbers today and noticed that our small postcode of 3004 had another 5 people test positive in the last 24 hours and we have 43 active cases!! It is NOT over yet.

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2 thoughts on “Covid – stay vigilant”

  1. Yes Gary that is a worry! But something else that is not worrying but annoying is the Diversity Magazine, telling us how wonderful they are and with graffiti at the junction. They explain that they have been supported by Yarra Trams andVic Roads. Well isn’t that strange when our end of St Kilda Rd grows thistle, rubbish everywhere and trees that are so unsafe near the crossing. I personally have tried for years to have something done, and all they say is isn’t there responsibly!!! The pig face around our trees out the front should have been cut back to allow new growth with flowers! All the shoots around trees should be removed and sealed off to stop them returning. Well maybe in the new year a group of us might take photos to the city hall and explain our grievances! Regards Kay

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  2. Download the Snap Send Solve APP to report issues .
    Happy Snapping!

    I regularly report issues with trees, drains, rubbish bins, water leaks…
    It’s not an instant fix, but is a way to bring issues to the attention of the authority responsible.


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