The shed is going…at last

From CYP…

Acoustic shed disassembly

Next week work will continue on disassembly of the acoustic shed, with roof panels and southern wall panels coming down.

Next week, the gantry crane that sits within the acoustic shed, and fed all of the concrete tunnel segments down to the TBMs during tunnelling, will be removed.

You might have seen that yesterday a large crane was placed outside the northern end of the acoustic shed.

Now that this crane is assembled, it will lift the gantry crane pieces onto waiting trucks to be removed from site. The crane pieces will be removed by truck over three nights from Monday 31 January. Due to the size of the trucks removing the gantry crane from site, they will leave site between midnight and 4.00am. Crews will be reminded of requirements around reversing beepers and noise mitigation ahead of these truck movements. This will be a similar method to how pieces of the TBMs were removed from site last year.

You can watch live here

Letterbox thieves

Last night around 930pm, two women buzzed multiple apartments via the intercom.

They were let in and spent around 20 minutes going through the letterboxes. They then checked out the cars in the ground floor car park. They found one car unlocked and rifled through that. The owner has confirmed that they would have been disappointed.

Australia Post and the Police are being notified.

Please do not let people in if you do not know them

You can see from this shot that they took a LOT of mail – their bag is very full

Here is a seven minute video clip – you may be able to check your letterbox in this clip.