3 thoughts on “What was this about??”

  1. I see that happen almost daily and I’ve looked at Park Street where it has been made as practically difficult as possible to do, with lots of signage. There was one this Sunday morning in between two 58 trams. The driver of the second tram had a word with the motorist when stopped at Toorak Road. Invariably the drivers will then turn left into Toorak Road from the tram tracks.

    Btw, how many thousands were spent on those trees in the corrugated iron tanks sitting along St Kilda Road, only to be left to die from lack of water over the Christmas shut down period. It was disgrace that money can be wasted like that.


  2. Hard to water when the soil level is to the top of tanks. CoPP has shaken its hands of St Kilda Road as far as I know and it now up to VicRoads to maintain. Former politician Foley cautiously indicated to me that there was a battle between VicRoads and CoPP which was contracted to maintain the tress and median I may be wrong but I think the Metro Rail Authority would have placed the plants and been responsible for them.


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