Parking – good news

Now that we have Bowen Cres open again at St Kilda Rd, my new best friend, Tom from the City of Port Phillip, paid us a visit.

He agreed that the bays on the south side of Bowen Cres – the old police bays – should be converted for public use.  It is likely that the bay nearest St Kilda Rd, will be a commercial bay and the rest will be public bays.  No final decision yet but likely to be one hour paid bays.

Tom also checked out Queens Lane, behind 1 Queens Rd.  He is proposing to make a few improvements there too.

All will take a few weeks – but we’re nearly there.

He could not commit, but will also try and improve the entry /exit at Toorak Rd / Queens Lane.  It would involve smoothing the kerbing.

Thanks City of PP especially Tom, Rebecca and Bernadene 🙂


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