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Driveway – difficulties on Saturday

Hopefully it won’t look quite as bad as this …but on Saturday there will be some difficulties in getting in and out of the lower car park.

You should have received notification, but if yopu are concerned call the 1800 105 105 number

BTW – This photo of St Kilda Rd tram works is courtesy of the State Library. There are more fabulous photos over near the Cobbers Statue in the Shrine grounds.

Driveway access – be careful

It’s always been a tough driveway but it is even tougher now…have a look at this

  • Badly parked trucks in Bowen Lane
  • Vehicles with flashing lights – for no obvious reason
  • Less than highly aware traffic management
  • Difficult ped visibility

I was pleased today that no one came out while I was going in – yes it is all two way…and no crazy bike riders

Be careful