Metro Tunnel CRG -October meeting


Meeting notes

  • Northern box has now had a number of “D Wall” panels installed
  • First panel had some issues but process working well now
  • More panels being done Thursday/Friday this week – northern box
  • Southern box work is mainly a low retaining wall.  Needed due to proximity of hole to the road
  • Ground anchor work to happen at 390 St K Rd next week
  • Small business mentoring work being offered in the area – free.  Goodwill for small business.
  • Dust monitoring now fully operational and reporting being done
    • Two monitoring stations, one inside Melb Grammar and one inside Albert Rd Reserve
    • All reports shows well under the legal limit
  • A lot of discussion on impact of dust on all residents/buildings
    • CYP pushed the line
      • Not all dust caused by them
      • They are meeting their contractual obligation
    • The meeting made it clear that it was not acceptable
    • Added for further discussion
  • Trees
    • Tabled the obligations on CYP (in attachment)
    • Concern about the additional trees to be planted in Albert Rd Reserve.  What type?
  • Noise – CYP acknowledged that they had not provided timely noise reports.  To be rectified ASAP
  • Tram Squeal
    • Equipment has been received
    • Tender has been issued and let (to Fulton Hogan)
    • Pits to be modified
    • Needs to be done at night when no trams
    • Will be done in last week of October
  • City of Melb – Domain Parkland study
    • Commenced in 2015
    • As population increases and climate change occurs, need to manage parks differently
    • This is looking forward 10+ years
    • Big issue around having 5 different controlling entities (City of M, State Govt, Shrine, Myer Music Bowl and Botanic Gardens)
    • Likely to see a proper Visitors Centre
    • A lot of work around making getting into the parklands better – for example getting from Anzac Station to the gardens
      • Likely to see Dallas Brooks Drive improved for peds
      • Some tweaks to Edmund herring Oval (post Metro Tunnel)
    • Will see reduction in commuter car parking – these are the 10 hours type bays, they want more people parking near the park who use the park and less city workers!
    • Big focus on managing events better
      • One co-ordinator across all bodies
      • Some fun runs starting in Olympic Park.  It has permanent toilets and makes setup easier.  It also means some runs will go towards to Fitzroy gardens…spread the load

Presentation here

2018 10 CRG Handout


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