How close will the ‘hole’come to us?

Many of you know that I’ve been representing The Botanica Owners Corp for some time on the Metro Rail Tunnel Project (with a lot of help from Jan).  A few friends and colleagues have queried why we are SO obsessed with the project and I usually say…”It is going to cause us a LOT of short term pain but will be fabulous when it is done.  It will be very close to our front door”

How close?  The reality of the proximity has become more evident this week with the obligatory footpath paint marks.  In the photo, I have emphasized their marks with my own to make it clear.

You can see that the hole will be a couple of metres on ‘our side’ of the kerb and almost to Bowen Cres.  Our front door is just to the left of the Ficus tree in the photo.


My educated guess is that the worst time will be April – June 2019.  After that they will put a ‘lid’ on the hole and work from underground.

Just saying – bloody close!!


2 thoughts on “How close will the ‘hole’come to us?”

  1. Looking at the actual markings on the footpath I can see that you have actually ‘joined the dots’ to create your educated guestimate.


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