City of Melb – Transport Strategy

You may have recently heard about some of this in the media…BIG changes proposed

Here is a link to some great content


Vibration today

I’m not home but understand it’s bad this morning… Just got this from CYP….

Vibration reading is 2.19 peak the warning level is 3.5
Breaking through a blinding layer from the guide walls. 10-15mins to get through. All done for this panel. Will be bad again in roughly 2-3h when they do the other half of the panel.

Metro Tunnel mtg

See attached the slide pack from the most recent meeting with Metro Tunnel people.

Some things to note (sorry a little cryptic):

  • Has been some delays on northern box with paperwork / independent approvals.  John G said, it is the first serious concrete work they have done that is permanent and so more onerous.  Probably a good thing
  • Work sheds in Albert Rd Reserve will go in late 2019 (prob October)
  • RPV is responsible and working on Park St tram extension to Clarendon St.  Will not happen until end of CYP project as it will slightly reduce traffic throughput at Kings Way…also when trains running, there will be decreased tram demand thru to Flinders St
  • After acoustic shed is removed, they scrape away some of the temporary concrete and then do a proper waterproof membrane.  Can’t do earlier or it may get damaged
  • Botanica scaffolding can be removed next week or so but they thought they may leave it all there for 2 more months to stop people getting some spray on them when they do the water blasting.  I said that was not acceptable, just needs some screens to protect from water spray…not full scaffolding
  • Detailed building meetings in next 2 weeks on new traffic stuff….tram slew route, driveway access…Drawings they showed had not acknowledged our driveway issue but John said he knew it was not OK as the plan shows
  • Crosswalk in Albert Rd North will be converted into a Wombat Crossing…raised crosswalk with speed bumps
  • Really bad time for The Botanica will be last 2 weeks of May and maybe first week of June
  • When they do the hydro demolition, it will be noisiest for us when they are on the other side, not when close.  Sounds bounces back
  • City of PP Domain Masterplan excludes the CYP area…so they do not consider Albert Rd Reserve!! They are considering closing the road in front of 1 Queens Rd and extending our park plus upgrading it…..  Could work well

Internet access @ Botanica

You may have received something from NBN to say that they are now available at The Botanica.

That’s true but you do have multiple options in our building – there are 2 competitors here that are both available NOW also.

TPG offer their FTTB service – Details here

and Pineaple net service – Details here

I personally use Pineapple net and they claim to be the fastest residential service in Australia (I’ve been VERY happy).

What should the Domain Precinct look like?

The City of Port Phillip has done a stack of work around what THEY think we want in the Domain Precinct. They’re now asking us all for our feedback on those ideas.

Just a few of the ideas on their list that will impact us directly are

  • Type of trees to be planted in the area
  • Changes to the park in front of 1 Queens Rd (the park in Bowen Cres)
  • Extension of the #58 tram down Park St all the way to Clarendon St.

Here is the link


The vibration from the Metro Tunnel work was particularly bad over the last 48 hours. I called the 1800 number plus contacted people I knew at CYP.

I understand that they have been within the approved limits but I stressed that I felt it was extreme.

Tonight this email should have come to people who have their emails registered with CYP

Good evening Botanica Residents,

I just wanted to send a quick note to let everyone know that we are aware that vibration levels experienced today in the Botanica from 1pm until the end of shift have been particularly high.

We have a vibration monitor attached to the Botanica, which is showing some of the highest levels since we started the d-wall works in the southern box, however I can assure you that these vibration levels are still below the levels where we would be concerned about any damage to the Botanica building.

Irrespective, this evening we’ve called in our contractor to investigate options to mitigate the vibration, as we understand for those residents at home it has been particularly disruptive. They have attributed it to the ground conditions in this particular section.

From start of works tomorrow around 7:00am, you’re likely to experience similarly high vibration levels until 9am, at which point the team is going to switch from the Dwall ‘grabber’ to the Dwall ‘cutter’ for the remainder of the panel, which will generate less vibration.

Given there are still a number of panels to be completed in front of the Botanica, we’re exploring what we can do for the future panels to minimise the vibration from the grabber being used, as we cannot excavate the panel exclusively with the cutter.

If anyone has any specific concerns about these works, please respond to this email – or call the 1800 number and I’ll get in touch.

Thanks, Rob