How will our temp driveway work??

I’ve had a few people ask for some info on our new Botanica Bridge – or more correctly called Jan’s Way. And we all know that it is Jan’s Way or the highway

There will be a boom gate towards the Bowen Lane end with a code of 2580.

As you can see from the diagram above, there is a ‘passing bay’.

Driveway – revised plan

Latest plan from CYP…

Just thought I’d just provide an update on the driveway arrangements.

We’ve now thankfully got some clear weather and we’ve reassessed the program to ensure that access is reinstated before the weekend.

  • Following dewatering and survey, today we’ll be focussing on the excavation of the remaining section and pouring the blinding layer.
  • Wednesday will see the installation of the decking itself. We’ve programmed in extended working hours for tomorrow to ensure we get through as much of the decking as possible
  • Thursday we’re looking at the installation of lighting, and decking baselayer/aphalting (Extended working hours have also been allowed for on Thursday)
  • Friday is allocated to fencing and final linemarking with the driveway reopening Friday.

Given the long weekend approaching, we’re also looking at putting in place traffic controllers while everyone gets used to the new driveway arrangements.

We’ll send out a note today about the possibility of extended working hours.