Ventilation Unit

A couple of you have asked about this unit that has recently appeared….here is the offical line

 The team looking after the excavation under the deck have had to install additional ventilation while they are further underneath the concourse level.

You can see it circled in the picture below (Vision courtesy of Gary’s livestream) It will pump air down a specially created void directly next to the unit.

They’ll test it over the next two days and see how effective it is as a secondary ventilation unit – If it is effective, then they’ll use it for the remainder of the excavation (roughly 3 weeks)

We’ll also keep an eye on the noise it generates, we’ve added in provision for scaffolding to go around it and noise attenuation attached.  I’ll keep you posted on the test.

Thanks, Rob


2 thoughts on “Ventilation Unit”

  1. Thanks, Gary, good to read this update. I just noticed that our pop-up Albert Rd park (ha) is getting planted out – timed well for the plants not for the crew though.

    Regards, Jane

    Jane Creenaune



  2. Wed, Thurs to test.
    Next week the results arrive, the following week a decision is made to attenuate.
    The 3rd week CYP will say – “we were going to do it BUT it’s not worth it for one week.” Not said – Boo Hoo to you (haha).


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