Park St Improvement Project

The City of Port Phillip is looking at ways to make Park St (the South Melbourne one) better. The objectives of their work are

  • Renew the streetscape of Park Street because of the poor condition of the footpath and road and increased use from the future Anzac Metro Rail Station and redevelopment of properties in the local area
  • Make the street more attractive and comfortable for all users of the street by introducing landscaping and additional street trees for shade
  • Improve safety for people travelling along the Street by introducing protected bike lanes (temporary and permanent) and setting safer speeds

There is lots more here, including telling you how to give your ideas.

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One thought on “Park St Improvement Project”

  1. It would be lovely to see Park St renewed, but what about all the mess and dangerous trees in St Kilda Rd???
    How many promises have been made after you eventually get through to a person.
    We are in Sydney that puts Melbourne to shame, clean streets, trees taken care of graffiti in one part of one street only.
    We live in what should be the most BEAUTIFUL BOULEVARD it is quite sad really!!
    Kay and Ralph


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