Final plans approved

Apparently they were all approved months ago – but I’ve just stumbled on to them.

This is the main page of interest

some things to note

  • On the corner of Bowen LANE there is a crossing from our side of the road to the tram area
  • Chillers are there but with trees in front of them to “hide” from us, nothing on other side
  • Vents in front of us have grass and trees
  • We have 5 car bays
  • We have street trees
  • Our St Kilda Rd driveway seems like there have listened
    • The area between the trees is big enough for one car coming in and one car coming out
    • Immediately in front of our exit there is a left turn lane for Bowen Lane, I think that will help
    • The crossing in front of 390 will help
    • There is reasonable line of sight
  • I think if someone illegally parks in front of our 5 car bays, they will feel fairly exposed but likely to still do it.

The full document is below

All other documents can be found here


2 thoughts on “Final plans approved”

  1. All very interesting! We hope after all this, we might have some luck in changing our street name to what is was meant to be, MELBOURNE BOULEVARD, we like everyone one else is sick and tired of people thinking we are St Kilda. I had an email from Sam Hibbins and City of Port Phillip so excited that our area had all been tidied up, unfortunately again it was opposite the Town Hall 400 St Kilda RD St Kilda!!!!!!!! I have now given up completely, Sam and Kathy were here looking at everything, and taking photos.🧐 You have done well! Kay and Ralph
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  2. Thx for the update Gary

    Excited to see this firming up.

    Waiting expectantly to catch a train ?!

    Kind regards

    Graeme & Caroline

    Graeme Maguire & Caroline Llewelyn

    61A Axford Street Como WA 6152 Australia

    E ________________________________


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