Those noisy generators

Those of you on the front of the building may have noticed that CYP have installed 3 noisy generators opposite us (well 2 plus a backup). These are providing the power for the lights on the tram platform.

As I understand it is because they CYP and Citipower did not get their act together in time to use normal power.

I have asked

  • why not use power available on the train platform
  • why not put the generators underground

I then suggested that if they are to remain in their current location then they must be soundproofed. This was effort 1

I suggested that they may need a roof on the soundproofing

This is effort 2

hmm – I can still see the generators and hear them. It is clear that the beautifully designed structure has been architecturally designed and no expense has been spared. The lengths of timber have been carefully tossed on top in a way reminiscent of the way Collingwood exited their backline last AFL season.

After my recent complaint they have committed to build a soundproof box – it should be completed by the third week of January. By then work will have recommenced out the front.

Let me be clear – The requirements are that the noise after 10pm must be inaudible in any habitable room.

If you can hear the generators then please call 1800 105 105 and let them know. Be polite but let them know that they are clearly audible.

[rant over]


One thought on “Those noisy generators”

  1. It looks like a squatters paradise Gary. Someone does not like us !!! You do your best, but they have no respect.

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