Internet options at Botanica

I’ve had a few people ask recently about internet options, especially around performance and reliability. A few people also commented in our annual survey that they were not happy with their internet provider.

Some quick background

  • If Botanica as a building was connecting to the internet today then we’d have no option – we would allow NBN to run fibre into our basement and users then use a provider on top of that service.
  • Before NBN got their act together and installed their fibre, two companies offered to run their own fibre cables into our basement.
  • So in our basement you can see three separate boxes – a large one near the door to Paul’s bin room, that is NBN. In the recycle room there are two boxes – one is DGTek/Pineapple and the other is TPG.

So what does this all mean?

  • You can use any provider that sells an NBN service. That is a long list and includes Telstra, Optus, TPG and many others.
  • You can ask TPG for their fibre to the basement plan
  • You can ask Pineapple for their residential plan They are very fast and cheap.

I personally use the Pineapple guys and have been very happy with them. All should be reliable and as fast as you’re prepared to pay.


2 thoughts on “Internet options at Botanica”

  1. A few buildings along the street we personally chose TPG, fibre to the basement. The 100 mb/s has never been reached and initially sat around 70 mb/s but is now often around 90 mb/s. The call centre is overseas but not too difficult to deal with. When I wanted to complain when speeds started to drop, there wasn’t any way to contact TPG in Australia that I could see and so I wrote a letter!


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