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CYP weekly update

Good evening everyone,

Welcome to the first of our weekly look-ahead emails during the 24/7 works.

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While the progress outside on site has been good, we appreciate that the local impact has been significant, from the evening works through to the traffic changes in the precinct.

A huge thanks to everyone in the precinct for bearing with us while we embark on this enormous undertaking.

The good news is that works are progressing well and we are well and truly where we want to be with the program of works.

Below is a quick update on where we are in the North/South/Middle of the site.


The northern section has seen the bulk of the workforce over the first week of the occupation, this is due to the complexity of the Park Street intersection. You might have seen some of the cranes on site that have been lifting heavy sections of track into site, along with the heavy diamond crossover sections that have now been installed

In this area, we are well and truly underway with the track installation, in fact this weekend we’ll start concreting the tracks into place. Laying tracks generally involves placing the tracks before they are concreted into place, after this there is often an application of crushed rock, before the tracks are asphalted to create the finished surface. This concreting/asphalting combo will start to make its way from north to south.

One of the challenges we’ll face over the weekend is the heat. With the temperature set to rise above 30 degrees, there is a risk that the tracks will bend in the heat. As a result, we cant pour concrete until the temperature dips, this means we’ll likely be pouring the late afternoon and into the evening.

Yarra Tram Pole installation is also happening at key points around the track installation – and by the end of next week we’d expect to see Yarra Trams hanging wires in key sections.


With the bulk of the activity happening in the north, the south hasn’t had as much attention, but that will all change this weekend into next week. The teams out on site have today started the backfill at the southernmost end of site as they also finalise some of the conduit and drainage pit connections.  

Once the backfill is in place, we’re looking to start laying track on Saturday. All going well, we’ll be concreting on Monday, followed by the crushed rock and asphalt. Unlike the north, the south features straight sections of track, which are significantly simpler (and faster) to lay – especially when compared to the intricate curves featuring specific cant requirements in the north.

Through the middle of the site, roadworks will kick off next week on the new alignment for the northbound lane of St Kilda Road (the northbound lane will push further into the middle of site, starting just around Bowen Crescent, running adjacent to the new tram alignment and before re-joining its existing alignment just at Park Street.  Today works started on the sub base, drainage and services underneath the road, with road construction ramping next week, as part of the backfilling works there will be use of the vibratory roller, which can be disruptive at times, depending on its location.

Right in the middle of site the works continue on the central platform – the bulk of the paving is complete with section to the east of the kiosk the final section of bulk paving to be completed, the more ‘fiddly’ sections of pavers will then be progressively laid to fill out the platform.  Next week, infrastructure such as the tram shelter will be installed, followed by on-platform furniture and other platform infrastructure

At the end of these works the new tram platform will be open for public use – but we’ll still be down on the concourse level of Anzac Station. To separate tram users from these works, we’ll be installing wooden hoarding around the elevators and escalators down to concourse level. This wooden hoarding should start to be installed around the middle of next week.

Once again, we thank everyone for their patience during these works. I’ve attached today a picture of the site on Monday morning following the first night of works, followed by a photo from 730pm this evening showing the extent of track that has been laid.  The jackhammering and demolition works were incredibly loud – and while the current works are a step down in decibel levels we do appreciate the impact these works are having on everyone’s day-to-day lives, the good news is that the works are progressing well and we hope to be out of everyone’s evenings (and road space) as soon as we possibly can.

Thanks, Rob and Christian

CYP Weekly update

Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone took the opportunity to get out into yesterday’s glorious sunshine after what can only be described as a miserable week of weather.

That is a not-so-subtle segue into the impact that the rain has had on the work out on site. The team have lost a huge amount of time to the weather this week and the overnight works that have been happening last week will unfortunately need to roll into the following week.  While we recognise that this will roll directly into the 24/7 works starting on the 27th November – unfortunately it is unavoidable, as it is critical that the tram track infrastructure within the site is ready to connect into the infrastructure that we will be constructing while trams are shut down from the 27 November to the 17 December.

I’ve included a copy of the notification will go out on Monday to local residents advising of the extension to the works.

Once again the table of activities is contained below, but it is essentially the same activities that we have notified previously, but were unable to complete due to the weather.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

On the station platform, the works next week will continue to be focussed on the laying of bluestone pavers. The question has been raised with the team about the planting of the new trees that will be a feature of the new tram platform. On the advice of arborists, the trees will be planted in Autumn next year rather than during the hotter summer months (after the past week of weather we’ve had this doesn’t ring true, but the advice is that the warmer months ahead will impact on the long term health of the future trees) Works on the station kiosk will also continue, with the installation of cladding around the kiosk.

On the canopy itself, the skylight flashing and final works on the architectural finishes on the underside of the canopy will all be underway next week.

Surface Works

The new track continues to make its way out from the platform to both the north and the south. Next week will see more track laid and concrete poured to the north of the tram platform, especially now that the backfill around the ventilation structures has largely been completed.

On the north-west corner of Park Street works have begun to construct the final legacy design for a kerb outstand and tram pole installation.  The future kerb line extends out further from the existing kerb and this extended kerb line is currently being constructed, along with one of the tram wire poles that will be required during for the new tram alignment.  To construct this extended kerb the left turn from Park Street into St Kilda Road has now been temporarily closed, this left turn will reopen ahead of the closure of the northbound lane of St Kilda Road to ensure access is maintained to the buildings along this section of St Kilda Road.

Station box construction

Underground, the team have completed both the eastern and western sections of track slab adjacent to the new tram platform. On the platform itself, we’ll be pouring the concrete for the wearing slab of the platform, while also continuing with our steelwork in preparation for the future platform screen doors. Escalators 1 and 2 are being installed next week, these sit adjacent to the freshly poured stairs linking the concourse level to the platform.

Shrine Entrance

The Shrine entrance continues to work away over in the corner of the site – installation of formwork is ongoing next week as is the steel fixing for the capping beam on top of the piles, this all ahead of the final stage of excavation, which is expected to commence in early December.

Extended Hours Works:

The works listed below are those that will extend overnight next week. At this stage of the program, all these works are likely to extend for the duration of the week.

Bowen Cres Closure Thursday NEXT week

16 November 2022





Date: 24/11/2022

These works are a component of the refurbishment at 412 St Kilda Road. The works involve the use of a mobile crane operating from 7am – 6pm and will result in a full road closure. The machinery will operate for 1 day – During normal construction hours.

In case of inclement weather or unforeseen delays, if we are not able to set up on this date, the set up may occur on 25/11/2022 or 26/11/2022

Although the works are substantial, every very effort will be made to minimize impact to businesses and the general public. The following treatments will apply:

•          Pedestrian access will be maintained via opposite footpath(s)

•          Access to building car parks are to be maintained

•          Access to all properties will be maintained.

The refurbishment works for this site was never going to be an easy task however, the contractor will attempt to minimize the impact of these building works and apologises for any inconvenience that may be caused.

Although the works will be difficult for local traders and residents, your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Daily FDC contact:

Jake Harry 0438 069 187

CYP update

Good morning everybody,

This week we would like to begin by thanking everybody for their patience while we have been undertaking recent extended out of hour and overnight works.

As we mentioned last week, we will be continuing these works over the next week as we move closer towards our target to realign the tram tracks with the Anzac Tram platform in November as outlined in the attached works notification that was distributed this week.

While we are seeking to schedule noisier works during normal construction hours where possible over the next week, we understand that there will be disruptive elements around the precinct which we are working with our teams to mitigate.

Below is an overview of daytime works occurring next week – with a more detailed table that breaks down the overnight activities scheduled in for next week.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

On the tram platform, installation of glass balustrades will continue next week around the oculus mezzanine and paving will continue to be installed along the length of the platform towards the kiosk.

Above the platform, perimeter fascia works on the canopy trim and under flashing to the skylights will also continue next week.

At the kiosk, steel cladding will begin to be installed and internal fit out of services and plastering will continue within the structure.

Surface Works

As previously notified in our November construction update, this week we have commenced work on the corner of Park Street and St Kilda Road to begin the Park Street kerb works.

Yarra Trams will be installing a new tram pole in this location to support the new tram alignment and the project will undertake works to complete the legacy kerb design.

During this time, the pedestrian signalised crossings on the corner of Park Street and St Kilda Road will be closed.

Pedestrians crossing Park Street will be detoured to the pedestrian crossing at Wells Street.

Access to the Park Street tram platform on St Kilda Road (Stop 20) and access across St Kilda Road from the Shrine Grounds will be via the crossing at Dorcas Street, or via the tram stop’s northern signalised pedestrian crossing.

Through the middle of the construction site, the team will be continuing to install the tram tracks, tram poles and around the ventilation and services shafts in the north and in the south, the team will be continuing to waterproof, backfill and apply cladding around the structures.

At Albert Road Reserve, you may have noticed that the temporary pocket park installation has been removed. Next week four trees that have the appropriate permissions will be removed from the southern side of the site to enable the station entrance works. A fauna handler will conduct pre-inspections of trees requiring removal and will also be on site when the trees are being removed. Two site sheds will be setup in this park next week to enable entrance construction works to commence over the next few months.

Station box construction

On B1 level, the team are continuing fit out works, installing 2 more escalators, glazing the lifts’ structural steel and installing the lift cart.

Shrine Entrance

Over the next week, the team will be applying steel fixing to the top-down roof and finishing the last of the piling break back works.

Towards the end of the week the team will start to apply steel fixings to the capping beams and building formwork for these areas to prepare for further excavation works.

Extended Hours Works:

The works listed below are those that will extend overnight next week. The coloured squares indicate the days that the listed activity will be continuing. 

We will have additional supervision on site to ensure that we minimise any unnecessary noise, however all these activities will continue through the night.

Activities such as hammering and sucker trucks are not permitted during the night, and other activities such as paver cutting will be stopped at 10pm.

As always, there is a chance that these days may slip or shift – but this represents the teams current thinking around which crews will be working in each location, each evening.

Relocation offer

I understand that all residents who have apartments that face St Kilda Rd should have received a relocation offer in their letterbox yesterday. It applies to the noisiest time – 27 November – December 4.

I’d encourage you to take up the offer.

If you do not call now to take up the offer and then discover it is unbearable – you can still call them.

If you are not on the front of the building but concerned about the noise – call them

Their number is 1800 105 105

If the noise is an issue…

If you are having issues with the noise outside during the nights – call 1800 105 105.

They will entertain relocations if needed as a last resort.

You may have also noticed that they cannot work if there is any rain….so you could take matters into your own hands and use one of these TOY water pistols. I doubt they can tell the difference between rain and water from this.

They are available here