Footpath inspection

A representative from TPG (who did the cabling out the front) will be on site tomorrow around noon to meet Paul, William and I.  The list of issues we gave them is as follows:

  • The footpath is already sinking and this is immediately outside our front door.  This is urgent given our number of elderly residents
  • The hedge has been damaged – looks like the exhaust from their equipment has burnt significant sections at the front and around the corner
  • The front garden wall has been damaged and the footpath is now lower in some places than the painted section of wall
  • I am concerned about the potential damage to the ficus tree caused by their digging but I suspect we won’t know about it for some time
  • The area around the street tree needs significant remedial work

I have told them that we will not allow them to make their service live in our building until we are satisfied – and they need access to our power to enable their service 😉


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