High pressure clean

Welcome to the new followers, I trust you find this a useful way to learn ‘what is happening at Botanica’.  I expect that these will not be more than once per week.

Hopefully you have seen the information in the lift recently about ‘high pressure cleaning of the building’.  The Committee made the decision that the building was starting to look a bit grubby on the outside.  When we discussed with our friends at Bencorp, they also commented that it is good practice to do this as it extends the time between paint jobs.

Weather permitting, they will start Thursday NEXT week, March 3.

It is being done via abseiling which will be an interesting challenge for them.  The current plan is to start at the top and work their way down one side of the building at a time.  It is still to be finalised but it is likely that they will start on the side nearest the city – above the St Kilda Rd driveway.  They will then do the back of the building and so on.

We will stress to them to take care around window seals, gardens, furniture, air con units and the like.  Clearly the less obstructions the better, so if you can bring gear inside it would be great.  If you can’t move gear then some plastic sheets may be useful.

They will also do a full window clean.

If you have suggestions on this entry or things that you’d like to know more about….you can add a comment to any blog entry or simply send me an email to buckgw@gmail.com ….thanks Gary Buck


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