More Metro Rail news

I met with the Metro Rail guys and our lawyers on Friday to discuss our EES submission.  In those conversations, the Metro Rail guys gave us a few updates.

  1. The option of using Fawkner Park as a Tunnel Boring Site (meaning that we will only have one tunnel boring machine site at 400 St K Rd) has been dropped.  There is a little more info here
  2. A contract has been let for the sewer relocation work.  That is largely Domain Rd.
  3. Buildings like ours will get a pre-work integrity check at Metro Rail cost.
  4. The current plan is to erect an acoustic shed to house the Domain work site.  It will be roughly 3 stories high.
  5. Material coming out of the tunnel will be a slurry.  It will be piped to Edmund Herring Oval for dewatering and the soil will be trucked away from there.
  6. During the major work, traffic lanes and trams will be on the other side of St K Rd at around Bowen Cres with the work site on our side.  The traffic will then swing over to our side near Bowen Lane.  This is to allow the right station positioning and right tram angles.  This has not changed since early designs.
  7. They have done extensive work to ensure access to our basement carpark.  Will be a little complex and entry likely to be via left turn from Bowen Cres and not directly from St K Rd.  Will be 7*24 via traffic management person, like a private driveway extension.

Little is finalised but I am happy with the level of engagement and discussion.  All of these matters are likely to be discussed at our panel hearing.

Draft EES submission

16-07-02_DRAFT Botanica Melbourne Metro EES Submission

This is the draft submission for the consideration of the Committee.  After receiving feedback from a number of owners / residents, I believe that this document reasonably represent those overall concerns.

Please be aware that our legal advice is that this document should be kept at a fairly high level and that we make more detailed claims at the hearings in August / September.

You should also be aware that this is only the draft version and not the final version.

Our legal advice is also that we are better served by one strong overall submission than numerous small personal submissions.  In that light, I would prefer you give me feedback on this document rather than make your own submission.  But if you still feel the need to make your own submission, I understand and respect that decision.