More on 412 St Kilda Rd…lots of info

All of the various planning documents have been submitted to City of Port Phillip for 412 St Kilda Rd (old Police Building).  I feel like a broken record but again, their will be pain with the demolition and construction process but this proposal seems MUCH better than the renovation that the City of PP has already approved.

This table shows the improvements


The photos above show the way they are intending to treat Bowen Cres – including a Station drop off bay and their flashy rooftop.

capture2Ideally it will occur concurrently with the Metro Rail work.  We do know that Metro Rail have spoken to the site owner and both parties are intending to work co-operatively.

A full copy of the various documents is available on the City of Port Phillip web site.  It is currently open for public comment.


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