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Info on new development at 2 Bowen Cres

Here is some info from the developer of the 2 Bowen Cres site – the old car park

…and here is some more info


What will the old NAB building look like?

The old NAB Bank building on the corner of Toorak Rd and St Kilda Rd (424 St Kilda Rd) is going to be replaced.  The new building is due for completion mid 2021.  More upgrading of the area 🙂

I’ve attached the brochure here

I asked about price for 2 bed units and received this plan and the following info….

I have attached a sample plan in the price range you nominated but we have a huge range of two bedroom from $798,000 to $1,600,000 just depending on size and location in the building.      The plan attached sits from $798,000 to $1,030,000.

Contact person is

Tricia Cruth
Manager | Project Marketing
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Mezzanine Level, Optus Centre, 367 Collins Street | Melbourne, VIC 3000 | Australia

More on 412 St Kilda Rd…lots of info

All of the various planning documents have been submitted to City of Port Phillip for 412 St Kilda Rd (old Police Building).  I feel like a broken record but again, their will be pain with the demolition and construction process but this proposal seems MUCH better than the renovation that the City of PP has already approved.

This table shows the improvements


The photos above show the way they are intending to treat Bowen Cres – including a Station drop off bay and their flashy rooftop.

capture2Ideally it will occur concurrently with the Metro Rail work.  We do know that Metro Rail have spoken to the site owner and both parties are intending to work co-operatively.

A full copy of the various documents is available on the City of Port Phillip web site.  It is currently open for public comment.

2 Bowen Cres development proposal

When the original development proposal came out for 2 Bowen Cres, I lodged a ‘complaint’ with the City of Port Phillip.  My major concerns were

  1. They had asked for exemption for full number of parking bays required by Council
  2. Apartment sizes were very small but within Council requirements
  3. Traffic flow during construction would be an issue
  4. The developer’s wind expert had recommended some treatments to reduce the wind tunneling impact.  I requested that those recommendations were adopted.

I also requested that the developer make a contribution towards improving the park.

Tonight I attended a ‘mediation session’, attended by around 7 residents, the developer, the developer’s team and City of PP members.

  • Bays have been increased from 206 to 223 – now meeting council minimum
  • Apartment sizes unchanged
  • Traffic flow is not a planning issue but is an issue that must be addressed if / when they get their planning permit.  At that time they need (with other things) a traffic management plan
  • They had incorporated all recommendations by wind expert.

Developer also said that most optimistic start time is mid-2017 and most optimistic development time is 2 years, but all is dependent on selling apartments.  He didn’t comment on the park and City of PP said it is not mandatory.

He also said that the car park now only has 215 bays operational

Guy that owns the TAB building was also there and not happy about 18 storey building being built – but again it is within council guidelines.

Next step is Planning Committee mtg on September 20.