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City of Port Phillip – Corona Virus update

Worth having a read of these web pages

Covers all sorts of info including things like

  1. Possible deferment of rates if you are in financial hardship
  2. What’s happening with parks and libraries
  3. What to do if you think that you may have the virus
  4. Mental health numbers
  5. ..lots more

Mail theft – How do they do it? Watch This!


Over the years we have tried to make mail theft more difficult but we seem to still have occasional problems.  On Monday we had another issue and this video shows the offender and shows her technique.  partly with small hands but also very adept with two sticks.

She is clearly not rushed, spending nearly 30 minutes on this side and similar on the other set of letterboxes.  She sits down, reads through the mail, dumps what she sees as junk in the garden, takes her suitcase and walks off.

If you lost mail – talk to Paul

If you recognise the offender, please call the police

Here is the video

Our new Elms

It may be a few years away but I have been in recent contact on our replacement trees with Bernedene Voss, Mayor of City of Port Phillip.  CYP have been telling us that they will be mature trees but I didn’t want to discover in 3 years that there are no such trees!

Below is correspondence on the matter from Greg Mitchell, the City of PP’s Senior Arborist.

Thank you for your email to Councillor Voss regarding replacement trees outside 400 St Kilda Road. I appreciate your interest in this matter and hope to address your concerns.

Council officers are working closely with Rail Projects Victoria, particularly with regard to the replacement trees throughout the Metro Tunnel project area, to ensure the best outcomes for the community.

We are currently in discussions with City of Melbourne officers to decide on the species of Elm to be planted on both sides of St Kilda Road, to ensure consistency. Once that decision is made – likely within the next few months – we will source the best quality stock and have them grown-on to an advanced size, ready for planting as soon as the locations are made available; expected to be about five years from now.

Rest assured, the new trees will be of the highest quality – and much larger specimens than our usual 45-litre stock – as we acknowledge the significance of this project, and the heritage of the St Kilda Road boulevard, requires a greater level of attention than that given to Council’s regular infill tree planting program.

Please contact me if you require any further information.