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City of PP – parking permits

As part of my research on local parking, I decided to read the City of Port Phillip info.  There was a lot that I didn’t know!!

This link has the details of types and costs.  Party ones, moving in/out ones, temporary one – even one for tradies.

It is worth knowing that residents can apply for a ‘tradie’ parking permit.  It costs $51 per week and are for a max of 4 weeks – but means your tradie doesn’t have to keep feeding a meter!!

BUT beware tradie permits have the same restrictions as visitor and residents permits – and you can’t park just anywhere…read the details and one big gotcha around here is you can only park in front of residential properties and the City of PP definition of residential is tough.

“Council defines a Residential property as being a property that is used 100% for residential purposes. Properties that have a mixed use (i.e. apartments on upper floors and a café/shop/business on ground floor) are not considered residential.”

Clearly that excludes most of St Kilda Rd and most of Bowen Cres!!  Be careful

I’ll query this definition of ‘residential properties’ to the agenda for my regular meeting with City of PP.  But for now I’d be very careful

City of Port Phillip – alcohol restrictions


The City of Port Phillip is trying to get resident feedback on their alcohol ban.  Here is a link to the survey.  Below is some background from the City of PP


The St Kilda foreshore is enjoyed by residents and is a popular tourist destination. Our foreshore and public spaces are easily accessible and attractive locations for people to congregate in large numbers and consume alcohol.

At the 7 February 2018 Council Meeting, Council resolved to trial an extension of the alcohol and glass restrictions along the St Kilda foreshore precinct until after the Easter long weekend, 3 April 2018. This trial extension looks to balance the ability of people to enjoy our foreshore and City with public safety, to achieve our vision of a ‘beautiful, liveable, caring, inviting, bold, real’

Bowen Crescent – new buildings

There has been a lot of action in Bowen Cres in the last 18 months and people have frequently asked me ‘what can we do?’.

I am no expert, but there is a lot of good reading on the City of Port Phillip web site.

This one has details of the overall St Kilda Rd area and some general planning ‘rules’.  This one has information on Bowen Crescent particularly.

So my interpretation is that is someone wants to demolish and build in Bowen Cres, the first check is compliance with these documents.  They specify a maximum height and the setback from the road etc.  I think you would have very little room to argue if the developer meets these ‘rules’.

I’m sure that the Council also has some general rules about building new apartments that ‘look into’ existing apartments.

Each time that someone submits plans to the council, they place a notice out the front of the site.  This has a link to a website that has all the plan details.  You can also go to this site and search, in fact you can simply search on Bowen Crescent and there are numerous submissions (back many years).

When a submission is made public they also advertise the process for lodging complaints/comments.

Possible new recycling options

With the recent move of our gas meter from the lower car park, it has been suggested that we use that cage to improve our recycling options.  It would be in addition to the current recycling next to the lift

Some suggestions include

  • Clothes via a wheelie bin from Good Sammys or equiv
  • Shoes via a wheelie bin from Good Sammys or equiv
  • Nespresso – via a service they offer
  • Electrical waste – via City of Port Phillip

Feedback welcome please

2 Bowen Cres development proposal

When the original development proposal came out for 2 Bowen Cres, I lodged a ‘complaint’ with the City of Port Phillip.  My major concerns were

  1. They had asked for exemption for full number of parking bays required by Council
  2. Apartment sizes were very small but within Council requirements
  3. Traffic flow during construction would be an issue
  4. The developer’s wind expert had recommended some treatments to reduce the wind tunneling impact.  I requested that those recommendations were adopted.

I also requested that the developer make a contribution towards improving the park.

Tonight I attended a ‘mediation session’, attended by around 7 residents, the developer, the developer’s team and City of PP members.

  • Bays have been increased from 206 to 223 – now meeting council minimum
  • Apartment sizes unchanged
  • Traffic flow is not a planning issue but is an issue that must be addressed if / when they get their planning permit.  At that time they need (with other things) a traffic management plan
  • They had incorporated all recommendations by wind expert.

Developer also said that most optimistic start time is mid-2017 and most optimistic development time is 2 years, but all is dependent on selling apartments.  He didn’t comment on the park and City of PP said it is not mandatory.

He also said that the car park now only has 215 bays operational

Guy that owns the TAB building was also there and not happy about 18 storey building being built – but again it is within council guidelines.

Next step is Planning Committee mtg on September 20.

City of Port Phillip and Metro Rail..more

I attended the City of Port Phillip meeting last night.  They were discussing their EES submission on Metro Rail.  At the suggestion of the Deputy Mayor (Serge Thomann), I made a brief presentation (max of 3 minutes allowed).

A copy of my script is attached.2016 06 City of PP submission

There was only one other person making a submission – he was lobbying to have the Boer War Memorial moved permanently to the Shrine area.

I felt my submission was well received.

  • Cr Amanda Stevens asked that the emergency exit issue be included in the Council’s submission.  The Council rep did state that the Metro Rail people had assured him that Metro Rail had already been considered and agreed to this, but agreed to alter the submission.
  • Cr Thomann pushed that the tree philosophy of “remove late/ replace early” with mature trees was a very good idea.  He also supported the ‘don’t waste money on bike lanes’ – but didnt’t get much traction.
  • The Mayor (Bernadene Voss) was very supportive and made the comment – we are absolutely committed to keep the local community involved and informed.  When I was talking to her before the meeting she said that the real time monitoring that I was proposing, had recently been done on a project in Port Melbourne and worked very well.

There was an interesting aside when I said that the City of PP had a very poor record with our street tree.  The Mayor turned to the CEO and he made a note.  Perhaps they will plant a new mature tree, just in time for it to be removed!!

The Boer War guy failed in his attempt to permanently move their monument.