City of PP – parking permits

As part of my research on local parking, I decided to read the City of Port Phillip info.  There was a lot that I didn’t know!!

This link has the details of types and costs.  Party ones, moving in/out ones, temporary one – even one for tradies.

It is worth knowing that residents can apply for a ‘tradie’ parking permit.  It costs $51 per week and are for a max of 4 weeks – but means your tradie doesn’t have to keep feeding a meter!!

BUT beware tradie permits have the same restrictions as visitor and residents permits – and you can’t park just anywhere…read the details and one big gotcha around here is you can only park in front of residential properties and the City of PP definition of residential is tough.

“Council defines a Residential property as being a property that is used 100% for residential purposes. Properties that have a mixed use (i.e. apartments on upper floors and a café/shop/business on ground floor) are not considered residential.”

Clearly that excludes most of St Kilda Rd and most of Bowen Cres!!  Be careful

I’ll query this definition of ‘residential properties’ to the agenda for my regular meeting with City of PP.  But for now I’d be very careful


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