ALERT – Suspicious persons

I sent out an alert the other day about a person breaking into our letterboxes.  It seems there has been marked increase in this type of activity up and down St Kilda Rd lately.

These two below were in the carpark at St James recently. They stuffed tissues in the gate and door locks to prevent them from fully closing.

Pic 2

I understand someone recently broke into the letterboxes at St James.

The letterboxes at 18 Albert Road were also broken into last week and last month.

A chiller bag from Farmers Direct was stolen from outside the front doors of The Hallmark by two men on bikes at 5.50 am yesterday (10 May). Could not be identified on CCTV as they were wearing helmets.

What should you do?

  • I advise that you do NOT approach anyone directly
  • Be aware of those around you and make sure doors close behind you
  • Let us know of any suspicious activity
  • Do NOT leave building fobs in letterboxes.  That places the entire building at risk.
  • Although it has not been reported lately, we have had issues in the past with people looking through bins for identity information.  I strongly advise you to shred anything with your personal identity on it.  Don’t toss out delivery dockets, bank statements etc.

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