One thought on “Day to day impact of the new Domain Station”

  1. Thank you Gary
    I love your decision to visually record the works around us. Your birds eye view photos are great as I don’t have this visual aspect.
    Perhaps you could consider some form of historical publication that expands imagery via the tentacles of road words in all directions…Toorak Rd West, all along St Kilda Rd to the City.
    There will certainly be a wealth of imagery and storytelling. Perhaps a conversation with the St Kilda magazine we receive may appreciate a periodic overview to expand their content, also using their reporters to interview affected stores, residents, restaurants, (The Domain Rd corner of businesses) etc.
    A conversation with such a publication could be negotiated with a fee for your photos and the periodic written overview.
    There may be other visual local media I am unaware of.
    Just an idea.


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