Those beeping bloody trucks

I was woken at 5am by this truck – no video but judging by the rig, he could afford to pay for new generation reversing beepers.


I think the same guy was back again at 8am.  Again doing a long reverse, this time with video and more and more and more

Here are some close ups

Just before 9am we had another beeping truck

Video is here

Then right on 9am we had this effort.  And it went on and on .  Here is his rego


The EPR’s specifically say broadband beepers are MANDATORY.  Yesterday we were told it was really mainly the cherry pickers.  Well here are 3 trucks that have offended inside a few hours.


2 thoughts on “Those beeping bloody trucks”

  1. It’s not good enough.
    We have already suffered – and I do mean suffered – for a full week.
    24 x 7 and it’s set to continue for another 5 days.
    We are on the top floor of our building and its unbearable. I don’t know how people at lower levels are coping. I don’t know if it better or worse if you’re on the 15th/20th floor of a building.


  2. Gary & Sandy,
    I really feel for you. We all have different levels of tolerance when it comes to noise, sleep deprivation and other environmental factors.
    These are concerns I raised when you sent out your first questionnaire prior to the start of the preliminary works.
    There seems to be a couple of issues – firstly the responsibility for compliance relating to the reversing alarms – when the sub contractors are booked such as the trucks you have highlighted and the cherry pickers – obviously there is a system/communication failure.
    The other is the health issue & I assume that was raised many months ago – what was promised in relation to environmental impacts for individuals?
    I remember reading that there will be hundreds of vehicle movements, I believe daily, once this project really gets underway.
    Has the double glazing been sorted out? Have the acoustic monitors been put into position?
    Anne Ashlin 707


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