Intercom – Mobile call diversion unit

This is for people who have purchased the additional unit that allows them to use their mobile phone to ‘answer the door’

Here is the full instruction book

It is all covered in there but a few hints from me – done from memory, so I hope it is right

  • The app you need on your phone is called UrMet CallMe.  It is available for Apple and Android
  • You have to create an account in the app
  • The email that comes back is from an Italian website (Urmet) and is highly likely to be in your spam folder.
  • When you are setting it up you will need to connect to a wifi ‘link’ called something like URMETCALLFW-abcd  It will tell you and you only do this once but it is a bit tricky
  • Write down the letters at the end…..abcd in the above example
  • That is your password – your password is abcd-abcd  Yes you repeat the same characters with a hyphen in between
  • It seems you only need one account for all the family – means all phones that have the app running will ‘ring’ when the front door is buzzed

Only other tricks when you are using

  • You must have the app running to get buzzed from the front door
  • Some battery saving things on phones will turn it off.  Be careful
  • When it pops up…there is an ‘open gate’ and an ‘open door’, you need to hit ‘open door’

Still day 1 for me too – hope this all helps


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