Comms work update

The sad state of our footpath will improve over the next 10 days.  Next week they will backfill most of the trenches, leaving two smallish holes.

They are trying to re-instate our parking bays as soon as possible – my guess is the end of next week.

You should also be aware that there will be quite a lot of action in Bowen Cres over coming weeks.

  • Monday Oct 2 – Westbound traffic stopped for gas commissioning
  • Mid-Oct to mid-Dec (my guesses) – they need to make two pits in Bowen Cres, near St Kilda Rd.  From those pits they will push drainage and sewer pipes under St Kilda Rd.  Will be done during the day and the company contracted to do the work has converted all their vehicles from reversing beepers to less intrusive squawkers

We do NOT expect any driveway access issues in Bowen Cres – you may need to patiently wait for the traffic control to let you through.




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