Traffic hassles getting out of Bowen Cres ‘corner’

Not sure if any of you have had similar hassles to me.  With both ends of Bowen Cres closed, it is a very slow process to get out onto Kings Way / Toorak Rd…especially at 5-6pm each night.

I reported this to John Holland a week ago and no real action

I reported it to City of Port Phillip last night and they were checking it out today…thanks City of PP


One thought on “Traffic hassles getting out of Bowen Cres ‘corner’”

  1. City of Port Phillip traffic guy called me today – he has been working with Igor from John Holland. Here is a summary of their plan…

    As we discussed it would be beneficial to temporarily remove the Loading Zone closest to the intersection on the eastern side of the road. as this is reducing the storage capacity of the left turn and in effect blocking north bound traffic flow.

    In addition the installation of klemfix barrier in the middle of the road may further deter motorists that are knowingly driving on the opposite side of the road to access Kings Way.


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