Getting in and out via Queens Lane

I have been talking to the City of Port Phillip, John Holland and Metro Rail about the issues with the Queens Lane Kings Way/Toorak Rd intersection – especially during the evening peak.

It is never easy and has a fair element of risk but at the moment, with Bowen Cres closed at both ends, it is even worse.

The sharpness of both the entry and exit makes it very hazardous.

City of Port Phillip have been the most interested and helpful.

I have personally witnessed drivers deciding to make the exit from Queens Lane onto Kings Way/Toorak Rd a two lane exit – super high risk and a big issue when drivers try and head south!!

John Holland have made it marginally better  by removing one of the loading bays and placing a small dividing barrier in the middle of the road.

If you have the opportunity to take photos or video of your experience, I will send on to the right people.

Here are a few from a FIVE minute period in this morning’s peak – I’m not blaming these drivers, the road needs to be sorted out


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