Farewell to old friends..correction

Oops – it is a very late brunch at 5pm.  Meet out the front and it is BYO everything


By my calculations, we may lose the first of our trees as early as Monday February 12.  I believe that the first ones to go will be the plane trees on the far nature strip in front of Botanica.  There will also be some removed at about the same time in Albert Road reserve.

I am comfortable that as much as possible has been done to reduce the loss of trees and these trees do need to be removed.

This does not reduce the sadness of a loss of our ‘friends’ and I wondered if anyone would like to join me for a farewell drink under the trees next Sunday.

This is NOT a protest and it is NOT designed to ‘send a message’ to anyone.  It is simply a farewell to our old friends.

Sunday February 11th at 5pm, see you there out the front.  BYO everything


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