Beeping trucks breakthrough

Many of you would be aware that we have been working very hard to ensure that the Metro Tunnel project meets their commitment of ‘no reversing beepers’.  The commitment was that vehicles would have the much less intrusive squawkers.

It has been a long a difficult road, we have been told several times that “we are trying really hard to stop it but it is very hard”.

Last weekend I understand that a check by CYP found a large number of concrete trucks with beepers and had them changed out for squawkers.  Thank you.

Today I saw this sign – and even better, saw a truck driver park his truck and walk to the gate and say…”I’ve got beepers, what do I do?”  The gatekeeper worked out a way for him to do his job and not activate his beepers.  Was hard for the driver – hopefully he has learnt his lesson20180328_101129


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