When will it be noisy??

Works Breakdown – The Botanica

 The first stage of the works involves heavy earthworks and demolition to remove the existing tram and road infrastructure and make way for the new temporary tram stop and tram and road alignment. These works will emit high levels of noise and are programmed as much as possible to occur during daytime hours. These works are likely to occur during the first 1 – 2 days in Park Street and 2 -3 days in St Kilda Road.

During this period we anticipate the noisiest works for the Botanica will be on Tuesday 6th April.

The second stage will be a quieter stage of works which involves drainage and utility conduit installation, track and road building. These works are expected to generate low – medium levels of noise.

In the case of the Botanica, we expect Sunday the 8th through to Tuesday the 10th will also be noisy, as well as Thursday 12th

The third stage will shift to rail welding and grinding, asphalt laying, line marking, overhead wire installation, fitout and completion of the new temporary tram stop. These works are expected to create medium levels of noise. Testing and commissioning will also be undertaken by Yarra Trams at the end of the works.

While we will be working during the evening, we don’t anticipate works from Friday 13th to the 18th April to be excessively noisy for the Botanica.

If anyone feels they have special circumstances and should be considered for relocation during these noisy periods, the best course of action is to phone the Metro Tunnel Project Information Line on 1800 105 105.


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